Thursday, 29 July 2010

Bloody Men!

Typical of them to want to get in on the act, after us ladies have led the way:
A man who told police he had been kidnapped and raped by two men has admitted making the story up.
There are some differences. Note the way the word victim is in inverted commas. Not sure I've seen that before. And check out the charge:
Ashley Vaughan, from Gittisham, Devon, admitted wasting police time when he appeared at Exeter Crown Court.
And look! They're even stealing our usual excuse!
Vaughan had reconciled with his family after a difficult period and was "looking forward", the judge added.

As a result, and despite the seriousness of the crime, which carries a maximum sentence of six months, he told Vaughan he was unlikely to be sent to jail.

"That's probably a bit severe," Judge Neligan said.
No. It's. NOT...


Dippyness. said...

So, plods took HIMh seriously....
How often have women not been listened to after a sexual assault..

Angry Exile said...

Quite right and proper in this supposed age of equality... wait, what?

Oh well, at least they charged him with something, and in the absence of any mention of innocent people arrested and lives ruined by a false accusation I'd say maybe the judge is right and jail is a bit severe - if nothing else he could really get raped in there. But I do have an idea...

"Judge John Neligan told Vaughan the cost of his lies, including the use of the police helicopter, cost the Devon and Cornwall force thousands of pounds."

Send him an invoice for it and sentence him to have income attached at source (at a manageable rate - I'm not a harsh man) until he's paid it off.

English Viking said...

Send him to clink. A few weeks of being Bubba's 'wife' will cure him of his stupidity.

JuliaM said...

"How often have women not been listened to after a sexual assault..."

And the more of these stories there are, the harder it will be...

"Send him an invoice for it..."

Now, THAT'S a good idea.

"A few weeks of being Bubba's 'wife' will cure him of his stupidity."

Then he'll really have something to complain about!