Saturday, 31 July 2010

Emma Needham Deserves A Medal...

...for saving a woman's life, and for restoring my faith in UK teenagers:
A teenager persuaded a mother not to jump from a bridge on to a busy motorway - by promising to give her the biggest hug in the world.

Emma Needham, 19, spent an hour comforting the 47-year-old woman who was perched on a narrow parapet with her legs dangling over cars and lorries below.

The personal assistant was returning from a friend's house when she spotted a young boy begging the woman - his mother - not to jump from the bridge.
Isn't it nice to read something like that, rather than something like this?


Quiet_Man said...

Kind of restores your faith in humanity, well done that young lady.

opsimath said...

Humanity, winning through. A wonder to behold in these times; Emma, you are a very special young lady - thank you for your actions and showing us that there is still a little light in the darkness.

MTG said...

A profound contrast. All the very best to you, Emma.

JuliaM said...

"Kind of restores your faith in humanity..."

It does, doesn't it?

Furor Teutonicus said...

"Emma Needham Deserves A Medal..."

I believe the system is that you make a request to the Palace, that a person be "awarded".

Or you could try the "Shipwreck and humane society" if it still exists.

Always worth a try.