Sunday, 18 July 2010

Shhh! Don't Mention The...

BBC report on the Genoble riots:
The French government has vowed to restore order after rioting in the eastern city of Grenoble over a shooting by police.

Riots rocked the city's run-down suburb of Villeneuve on Friday night as people protested at the death of a suspected armed robber during a police chase.
Wow! Pierre, Gaston and Rene get all hot under the collar, don't they?
Nobody was injured in the riots, said police, who arrested two men aged 18 and 20 for setting fire to vehicles and three more for attempted looting of shops, France's AFP news agency reports.
Is there something missing, though? Something to maybe explain why hordes of young men in stripy jumpers with strings of onions round their necks are burning and looting?

The Beeb isn't saying, that's for sure...

'The Mail' on the Grenoble riots:
France was on riot alert yesterday after hundreds of Muslim youths went on the rampage in Grenoble.
A Grenoble police spokesman said: ‘There has been a very fierce reaction. As mourners gathered in a park to hear Muslim prayers for the dead man late on Friday night, trouble broke out. By Saturday morning tear gas was being used on the youths.

'At about 2.30am a handgun was used to fire shots at the police. A youth was arrested, which seemed to make matters worse. The trouble went on until morning.’
The BBC. Explaining the news to morons who never read any further than the tip of their nose.

Why are we paying through our noses for it again..?

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Jiks said...

Also compare BBC coverage of the "alleged" Muslim rioting in Dudley, including the use of a car as a weapon to the same story on Atlas Shrugged.

It's a sorry state of affairs when we have to read foreign blogs to find out major disturbances are happening in the UK. I mean I expect the coverage to be biased, youths of no specific description and all but to find no mention of any kind on major news sites/channels is very worrying ...

Greencoat said...

The best example in dealing with Islamic savagery comes from our friends and defenders the Israeli armed forces.

And yet - anti-semitism is stronger than ever, notably in France.

It's a funny old world.

Chuckles said...

I'm constantly entertained by the ever flexible media term 'youth'.

Jiks said...

Opps, I did of course mean Atlas Shrugs:

Also it's not anti-semitic violence, it's anti-everyone IMO.

English Viking said...

Ahh, Mooslims.

We need to get used to these kind of scenes. The muzzies are constantly and perpetually aggrieved of something and appear increasingly willing to smash stuff up to prove it.

The fellows at Rourke's Drift had the right idea of crowd control; First rank, FIRE! Second rank, ADVANCE! Second rank, FIRE! First rank, ADVANCE, etc, etc.

Anonymous said...

The best we can hope for in these cases is something along the lines of:

"a crowd composed largely of Muslim youths"

Translation: All Muslim youths.


"the accused are mostly of Romanian Gypsy origin"

Translation: All gypsies.

And so on...

They have to try and drag in others all the time to the multicult ideology.

Hollywood movies have done this years, the bizarre multiethnic gangs of muggers rampaging the streets.

Anonymous said...

My Viking mate
Nice idea ,but I prefer the
Ferdinand and Isabella approach
in 1492 Spain
My Dear Moorish friends,
You have 3 choices
A..Back to the desert.
B..Convert to Christianity
C.. short sesson with the Inquisition

Seems the vast majority took
option A

Anonymous said...

Islam is grim, though compares well with some other religion. I favour a public ban on the veil and repatriation and exile for any involved in religious-organised protests and human rights abuses. Religion is a human rights abuse once it claims authority.
We show no sign of letting naturists wander about as they like. The veil principle is much the same.
The French are often on the verge of Muslim terrorism and in their cop shows 'Louie the Larcenist'has long been replaced by 'Farouq the Felon'- the racism is marked and against not skin colour but culture.
I reckon genuine proportional representation may bring parties making very certain promises (not BNP style) to replace the current lot.

ArtCo said...

Well bugger me with Raoul Moats Urn , is anyone surprised at the blatant bias and dhimmitude from the BBC. Come on we all know what the agenda is. Alas we have not got any real politicians with the balls to say enough is enough.
I despair for my children.

Foxy Brown said...

Everything George Orwell wrote about the "newsspeak" of "fruit-juice drinkers" or the metropolitan "liberal" Left is true.

JuliaM said...

"Also compare BBC coverage of the "alleged" Muslim rioting in Dudley..."

Who do the Beeb think they are protecting by this? When it can be so easily displayed as spin, what do they stand to gain?

"I'm constantly entertained by the ever flexible media term 'youth'."

It seems to only be the young that riot. Someone should ensure that the elderly aren't being discriminated against...

"The fellows at Rourke's Drift had the right idea of crowd control..."


"I favour a public ban on the veil..."

Unfortunately, it'd be the wrong thing to do, for many, many reasons. And would just play into the hands of the progressives.

Better to decree all government buildings off-limits (for identity purposes) and allow all private businesses to do as they please with no fear of a claim for 'religious descrimination' if they refused service.

JuliaM said...

"Everything George Orwell wrote about the "newsspeak" of "fruit-juice drinkers" or the metropolitan "liberal" Left is true."

Someone certainly seems to be using it as a guidebook, that's for sure...

Anonymous said...

The rot is in deep. I favour live and let live, but this relies on reciprocation. Religious tolerance requires a secular, democratic State. Would that we had one of them! The lack of ability all over now to follow where the evidence leads is very scary.

Stitch's Master said...

Seems the culture secretary is looking to cut deep in to the BBC's flanks. 38 degrees are campaigning to stop this, you can however, strategically edit their suggested document to send to your MP to let them know you support the cuts, wink, wink!

JuliaM said...

"The lack of ability all over now to follow where the evidence leads is very scary."

Indeed! We are becoming almost wilfully blind to certain realities.

"Seems the culture secretary is looking to cut deep in to the BBC's flanks."

Excellent! :D