Monday, 27 September 2010

I Guess Gamers Aren't Too Fussed, At Least...

Sometimes I look at a fuss being made over something, and I not only don't 'get it', but I wonder just how these things get started in the first place.

There has, it seems, been a cause celebre in the fashion and make-up world:
Kate and Laura Mulleavy, the fashion designing sisters behind Rodarte (remember how they both lost weight just for Anna Wintour?) have collaborated with MAC Cosmetics to create a line that was originally called “Juarez”.
The little town in Mexico? The one with a shoot-em-up named after it? Well, what's wrong with th...

Unbelievable. The Mexican border town in the state of Chihuahua has been called “a serial murderer’s playground” and is widely regarded at the murder capital of the world.

Apparently so, as the cosmetics company, faced with the outrage! of thousands of women with eating disorders and men with suspiciously co-ordinated wardrobes, promptly rolled over, offered a mea culpa and renamed the range. They also ponied up $100,000 to a non-profit organisation dedicated to 'helping women in need'...
London-based blog, Healing Beauty, has been covering the story voraciously, and helped set up a petition. They are unimpressed by MAC’s donation.
They want more..?
While fashion designers such as the late Alexander McQueen can plead genius in their defence (I personally hated McQueen’s “woman’s head on a plate” necklace) there are boundaries that shouldn’t be crossed.

And, boy, did MAC cross them. The name for its “Juarez” sheer white lipgloss? “Ghost Town.”
Oh, FFS..!


Anonymous said...

Mea culpa or mesa culpa?


JuliaM said...

Heh! Good one... :)