Friday, 17 September 2010

Sinister Excuse…

A left-handed dentist accused of groping female patients has blamed his actions on his surgery being equipped for a right-hander.
A likely story?
One witness, known as Patient Nine, was asked if there had been any contact with Mr Wesolowski which had made her feel uncomfortable…She added: 'On one previous appointment I was uncomfortable about him reaching across to get something from the instrument table and he got very close to my chest.'
Seems a bit slim…
Malcolm Fortune, representing Mr Wesolowski, suggested that the layout of the consulting room was responsible for the dentist reaching across.

He said: 'Did you appreciate that he was a left-handed dentist working in a right-handed set-up surgery?'
Ah, light dawns!
In normal circumstances, a right-handed dentist would stand with their right hand towards the patient's mouth. The dental instruments would be on the same side as the dentist.

A left-handed dentist using the same set-up would stand on the other side so their left hand was nearest the patient, but they would then need to reach across to select instruments.
So, she’s just being overly sensitive and dramatic and…

She told the hearing there had, saying: 'There was one time, after he had called my name in the waiting room, when we exchanged a laugh and a joke on the way to his room, then he smacked my bottom. I was so shocked I did not say anything.'
Hmmm, hard to see how that could be blamed on being a left-hooker.
The 53-year-old was also said to have told a female patient she could pay for her treatment in 'other ways'. He later revealed to a nurse that he wanted to have sex with the patient, a conduct hearing of the General Dental Council heard.
Damn, his mouth is left-handed too!


Chuckles said...

Definitely sounds sinister, but we all know what dentists do with their tools?

MTG said...

"Damn, his mouth is left-handed too!"

Such wit befits a plaque, Julia.

Trevor said...

After Chuckles' sinister and MTG's plaque we should all brace ourselves for more puns.

Anonymous said...

All he wanted to do was fill her cavity..

JuliaM said...