Tuesday, 14 September 2010

In Retrospect, She WAS Giving Off 'Danger' Signals...

Via Al Jahom, another one to add to the list:
An innocent man who was falsely accused of rape by his ex-girlfriend today told how the lies had twice driven him to attempt suicide.
Mind you, the circumstances should have been enough to ring alarm bells:
Burnley Crown Court was told Mr Lord met Wilkinson through Facebook last September when she sent a message to him on the social networking site saying he looked 'sexy'.
OK, nothing wrong with that. Nothing wrong with a date following on-line romance, either.

During the evening Wilkinson texted Mr Lord whilst they were in the living room together and the messages became intimate.
When someone texts you while you are in the same room, leave. Leave now.

In fact, run!
Det Sgt Stephen Holgate said: 'False reports of rape divert police resources from genuine cases and in making this false allegation Wilkinson has undermined the genuine victims of this horrific crime.'
So, self-pity for being duped, irritation at the loss of your budget, and fury at the thought of the further evidence that women can and often do lie about rape.

But no expression of sympathy for the innocent man whose DNA you are no doubt still retaining?


Indyanhat said...

Great post and very pertinent final word on his DNA.
Texting while in the same room...I am with your summation on that one...leave,quickly!

JuliaM said...

It's just so... creepy! Maybe I'm showing my age, though...

James Higham said...

When someone texts you while you are in the same room, leave. Leave now.