Wednesday, 15 September 2010

I Know It’s An Old Cliché….

…but it isn’t the dog, it’s the owner. And never was that more obvious than in this story:
A mother has told how her two sons are lucky to be alive after being mauled by their new pet dog as they lay sleeping.
Wayne, 13, and Sean Darling, 12, were rushed to hospital after their pet Clyde "savaged" them without warning in the living room of their Bonnyrigg home.
Their new pet?

A purebred puppy, from a respectable breeder, suddenly went berserk? Why, that’s almost unheard of, how could…

Oh. Hang on:
The brothers, both pupils at Lasswade High School, had fallen asleep in the living room after watching television on Sunday night, with Clyde, an Old English Bull Terrier crossed with a bull mastiff, sleeping next to Wayne's feet.

We aren’t even talking about a puppy, either. This is a full grown animal, one a full-grown man would have trouble controlling if it’s temperament turned out to be other than normal, never mind two young boys.

So, perhaps we should turn our attention to the animal shelter that re-homed this dog, for not testing it out with regards to its aggressive tenden…

Oh, FFS!!!
Ms Paterson insisted that Clyde had never shown any signs of violence in the week since he came into the family home. They had been given the dog by a family friend.
I despair, I really do.

And this stupid, irresponsible, ignorant woman’s actions will feed into the likes of Kit Malthouse and the rest of the slavering control freaks, aided by the usual suspects, who want to impose yet more restrictions and costs on all dog-owners, rather than tackle the irresponsible owners.

Oh, and do the police in Scotland have no firearms officers, or something?
Eventually, with the help of police and dog handlers, Clyde was trapped in the hallway around an hour after the attack started. He was given several electric shocks before passing out and received a lethal injection from a vet.
Good grief, why put people at risk of a mauling like that? Just shoot the damned thing!

And maybe reserve a bullet for the owner…


Macheath said...

Just shoot the damned thing!

Easier said than done, if your previous post is anything to go by....

JuliaM said...

Heh, indeed!

The perils of cueing up posts for the next few days, then slipping an extra in between them...

Macheath said...

So that's your secret!

I've tried it, but it's a bit like wrapping your Christmas presents in October and then losing them, or changing your mind - you need to be far better organised than I am to make it work.