Tuesday, 14 September 2010

And They Wonder Why We Have A Housing ‘Crisis’…

A mother who was forced to sleep in a tent because a tenant refused to move out of her house has launched a campaign to fight for landlords’ rights.
Yes, this is the tale of Miss Butler, the one I highlighted here. So it’s no wonder she’s now discovered a new cause.

However, she’s going to have an uphill battle, if the comments on this article (enlightening and infuriating in equal measure) are anything to go by.

First, there’s the ‘She was at fault!’ bunch:
Flora Smith, says...

'A campaign to fight for landlords' rights'!

No legitimate landlord would want to associate themselves with someone who acts in such a way towards her tenants.

A good landlord should not harrass, intimidate or attempt to illegally evict.
aqua, says...

Why does this story say she had to live in a tent when that is clearly not true, she has family & friends living nearby ?

She is a Nightmare Landlord who doesn't have a clue what she is doing.

She was locked out, because the tenant has the legal right to live in the property.
Alfred2, Hove says...

Suzy, you've managed to get your house back following a fairly dodgy eviction - surely it's now time to fade into the background again rather than draw more attention to you uninformedness with a half-baked 'campaign'.
Then, there’s the ‘Bloody landlords!’ bunch:
BB1975, Hove says...

This is a joke surely! A landlord seeking more rights, as if they don't have enough already! Tenants have very few rights these days thanks to the last Tory government and I expect the MP backing her is a Tory, as she's from Hove. MP's should be doing more for tenants rights not landlords, they are allowed to get away with way too much already!
Lady Smith, Brighton says...

Come the revolution, landlords should be first up against the wall....exploitative, greedy gits, the lot of them. Which reminds me of the old joke: What do you call 50 landlords chained together at the bottom of the ocean? A good start...
There’s a few that believe the pendulum has swung too far against the landlord, though they are decidedly in the minority:
bug eye, hove says...

tenants have far too many rights and the landlord does not, simple. yes if the tenants behave as they should they should be protected, but once they stop paying rent or behaviour is unacceptable there are laws and they should be stronger and quicker to evict. I notice on this forum many of you complaining that landlords do not sort out problems with students, yet it is the current law that stops this, you cannot have it both ways. if a shopkeeper had a customer who kept walking out with goods they have not paid for etc. they would be prosectured quickly. landlords are not charities they area business providing a service with expenses. the law is just too slow to act. I will be joining this campaign as I know many other landlords will be to stop the same old tenants going on and on repeatedly ripping of tax paying, law abiding businesses.
There’s the ‘Bloody journalists!’ bunch, just for some light relief:
TheInsider, Brighton says...

I too feel manipulated and that The Argus (or this lady) has insulted the intelligence of the readers or used the media.

I am not sure if the reporters have failed to investigate properly, or have been too lazy to check things out, or whether Miss Butler just wanted the media to help her achieve her aims without having to pay to follow the correct, legal route.

Whatever the case, the readers have been let down and manipulated. this is very, very poor and I am saddened by The Argus.
And to finalise, the ‘The State needs to step in to fix all this!’ bunch:
aqua, says...

It is time all landlords were registered, regulated & had to attend a training course in tenancies, landlord & tenant law.

This would help put an end to sharp practice by amateur landlords, improve standards, instead of landlords thinking it was just easy money & their pension fund.
Really, it’s no surprise that we all desire to own our own home, and so avoid all this, isn’t it?

As Laban Tall points out,the landlord business can be fraught with problems...


Roue le Jour said...

Nasty amateur landlords, 0ooh!

My dear sweet naive boys and girls, allow me to introduce you to a bogyman from my own childhood, step forward Peter Rachman.

Angry Exile said...

[sarsasm]Jesus Christ, fancy anyone thinking they should have a say over their own property. Heh, next they'll be wanting to be able to decide for themselves whether to eat greasy food, smoke, drink or get stoned. What are people like, eh?[/sarcasm]

Misanthropy approaching critical levels. Red alert, red alert.

blueknight said...

I expect all the Brighton landlords will be busy googling the pen names of the 'antis' in time to do their own version of 'No room the inn' this xmas.

JuliaM said...

"...allow me to introduce you to a bogyman from my own childhood, step forward Peter Rachman."

For the modern audience, we have Nicholas van Hoogstraten.

"Misanthropy approaching critical levels. Red alert, red alert."

This week does seem - so far - to have been a rich seam of news items that make you go 'AAARRRRGGHHHH!' doesn't it?

"I expect all the Brighton landlords will be busy googling the pen names of the 'antis' in time to do their own version of 'No room the inn' this xmas."

I certainly would!