Saturday, 28 May 2011

Maybe This Is One The Council PR Team Should Have Handled?

Ed Stuckey, 14, was hit in the shoulder with the javelin and was rushed to hospital where it was removed.

Paramedics were called to Norton Knatchbull School in Ashford, Kent, - a selective school for boys - at 3.20pm on Thursday.

Kent Fire and Rescue service had to use a small hydraulic tool - normally used to free people trapped in cars - to remove the javelin from his shoulder.
Ouch! Nasty accident.

But maybe getting the headmistress to give a statement wasn’t wise:
Headteacher Susanne Stabb said: 'I would like to praise the immediate response and actions of our first aiders and the emergency services. They were superb and I cannot thank them enough.'
*stifled giggle*


Shinar's Basket Case said...


Des her husband get a wild stab in the dark?

Sweet Jesus we're immature aren't we?

stabb hee hee kelci hee hee zippy moontwat hahhahaha *SNORK* beaaAAAAAAvers!!!1

Angry Exile said...

Ban the javelin. It's clearly dangerous and even though it's a piece of sporting equipment it is of course based on a weapon. Won't somebody think of the chiiiiiiiiiiiildren?

JuliaM said...

Sometimes, a story comes along that's a gift to bloggers... ;)

Biggus Dickus said...

I don't see what's so funny.