Monday, 30 May 2011

What’s The Rotherham Equivalent Of ‘Duelling Banjos’?

Well, whatever they are, I hear them playing…
Laura Wilson, 17, had a brief relationship with Ishaq Hussain, 22, who lived close to her before giving birth to their daughter in June last year.

Sheffield Crown Court was told that Hussain failed to acknowledge the child as his own and did not offer any support, leading to friction between Laura, her family and Hussain.

Things came to a head last October when she went to Hussain's house and told his family he was the father of the child, prosecutor Nicholas Campbell QC said.

Hussain and his friend, who also had an affair with her and was said to be her first love, plotted to kill her, it is alleged.
OK, here's where you may need to get a pen and paper and draw some diagrams...
Laura's older sister, Sarah, looked upon Hussain as being 'like her brother' in the mixed ethnicity area where they lived.

Before the affair, Laura had fallen in love with Asghar and they had a sexual relationship. They resumed the affair after Laura had the baby with Hussain.
OK, you may need more paper at this point...
Laura struggled at school and played turant, 'but she embraced life with gusto, she was an attractive and popular girl,' Mr Campbell added.

Laura began drinking with Fay Williams had also had a daughter with Hussain. They knew one another before falling pregnant but then they became firm friends.

They realised Hussain would never marry either of them and Laura was only interested in Asghar.
*screws up paper and throws it away*

I give up!


James Higham said...

Sounds like Rashida Dati territory, this. By the way, Julia, I came to you via your tweet just now. Cool, eh?

Tattyfalarr said...

"Cultural diversity" leads to inbreeding...oh, the irony.

Anonymous said...

Having 'sailed the seas' I've met many strange folk and customs, often involving the treatment of women. It is not at all unusual for young girls to use sex like this - from 9 in some ghettos to get drugs for Daddie.

The places that admit the real problems (like Holland) do better in prevention. A very insidious form of this 'sweets for sex' stuff is on the rise. You or I will have been brighter and less vulnerable at 7 than these 'kiddies' can ever hope to be.

Jesuit missionaries in South America found they could buy a woman for a hair-grip, Now our taxi drivers go off to Thailand and get a woman for week for Friday night's takings.

Of course, much human motivation can be understood from such - not nice, is it? A former head of Volkswagen just used 'bigger bags of sweets' flying prostitutes from Namibia to Paris. Women were once exchanged to prevent war and such. The economy is libidinal and many too thick to understand their role in it. I go for the iron hand and changing 'nature'. A lot of this stuff is worse than some of the 'rapes' that get to court and attract feminist fury.
Interesting that Lancashire cops (probably our best) dealing with 'grooming' say they didn't know what to look for until their training.

Angry Exile said...

Laura struggled at school and played turant...

Turant? Some bizarre musical instrument? < snaps fingers > Ah, the Rotherham equivalent: duelling turants.

Captain Haddock said...

I lost the will to read any further as soon as you mentioned someone named Hussain ..

Ranter said...

I'm with the Captain, so much time, money and resources spent on problems which are easily solvable if only there was the political will to do so!

Anonymous said...

The girls sound as though they're well groomed, to coin a phrase.

Jiks said...

A piece of paper??

I would need to set up a swimlane flowchart to map out that tangle.

Good God ><

AntiCitizenOne said...

If actions had any negative consequences maybe they'd happen less.

Thanks "Welfare" State.

Gordo said...

Oh I get it "allcoppedout", it's not a racial issue, thanks for pointing that out.

JuliaM said...

"By the way, Julia, I came to you via your tweet just now. Cool, eh?"

Twitter has you in its clutches now! ;)

"The places that admit the real problems (like Holland) do better in prevention."

And yet we've not been successful in using their methods here. A fundamental difference of underlying cultures, or something else?

"Ah, the Rotherham equivalent: duelling turants."


"If actions had any negative consequences maybe they'd happen less."

Spot on!

Anonymous said...

Not my point at all Gordo. I'm inclined to agree with Haddock. Piss poor whether done by Hussain or Moat.

Gordo said...

Fair point

PT said...

It would be something if any of them had the talent to play either guitar or banjo to that standard.

Anonymous said...

The tragedy in this case is not just the horrific murder or the child left behind without a mother, but the fact that once more we see people with a different agenda to the DWM (Despised White Majority) of this country doing what they think they can for their own ends.

No doubt they were surprised to be caught. No doubt they will, if found guilty, meet more of their kind in jail.

No doubt too they will become 'devout' if they weren't already in the first place.