Friday, 13 May 2011

Adam Henson Learns A Salutary Lesson…

…extremists don’t care how impartial you are. That’s what makes them extremists:
He said he thought the abuse was very unfair as he worked to BBC guidelines when presenting the programme on the controversial issue.
Oh, how surprising that the type of loon who threatens to burn your family alive over an ‘animal rights’ issue doesn’t think much of broadcasting guidelines, eh, Adam?
'My hands are completely tied on the issue. I cannot campaign for anything at all, simply report what is said on both sides.

'But this is a hugely emotive subject and we have to realise that there are extremists on both sides of the argument.'
Yes, but only one side is threatening violence to innocent people, isn’t it?


Mjolinir said...

@ Julia - //but only one side is threatening violence to innocent people, isn’t it?//

Incorrect. The other side - those who use 'the profit motive' as an excuse to mistreat captive animals - are hardly innocent.

THEY are threatening violence to poor innocent (except for the risk they may cause the death of cattle) badgers - which is MUCH worse than killing people.

Greencoat said...

I'll second that.

I mean, people are just people but badgers are cute.

Anonymous said...

violence works

JuliaM said...

"...which is MUCH worse than killing people."

Like Greencoat, I have some sympathy with that view. Depending on the people concerned... :)

"violence works"

Does it, though? In the long run?