Tuesday, 17 May 2011

Oh, Sure, They’ll Have Time To Squeeze This In…

…what should they stop teaching, though, to make the time? English? Maths?
Teachers should join Facebook so they can tell pupils how to use the social networking site responsibly, according to a new report.
A report commissioned by..?

Well, Facebook themselves, of course:
Nicky Jackson Colaco, public policy manager at Facebook, said: "This is the first document of its kind Facebook has launched. We saw a need to answer the questions of teachers.
"There are really valuable uses for social media in the classroom. What better way to engage students than by using tools they are already familiar with and that they like?"
If they are 'already familiar with them', why do they need teaching in them? And what makes you think they aren't going to be better equipped than the teachers, in this respect? Unless they are particularly web-savvy themselves, they are going to be reading from textbooks while the kids are running rings around them...
The report added: "We want to emphasise the need for educators to talk with their students about appropriate online behaviour, and to take rapid action to head off instances of bullying online, just as they would if they saw inappropriate behaviour in the canteen or school hallways."
Canteens and hallways are school premises, and teachers have a role to play in the running of the school. Teachers have no role to play in cyberspace; it's simply not their 'place of work', and not their responsibility.
Speaking at the ATL teachers' union conference last month, Andy Phippen, professor of social responsibility in IT at Plymouth University, said: "I have spoken to 360 professionals about it and one third said they or their colleagues have been subjected to some form of abuse online.
"In two or three cases the professionals said they were suicidal as a result of hate campaigns."
I'm guessing, though, unless you contacted them by ouija board, they weren't actually driven to suicide?

And would you care to elaborate on 'some kind of abuse'? Or would it include stuff that no-one would seriously term 'abuse'?

There's a simple answer, of course, Professor Phippen, once I'm surprised an academic hasn't thought to include in lectures: Don't use your real name on the Interwebs if you're a teacher!

And if you're getting abuse, try the 'off' button...


Macheath said...

Surely there must be some kind of award out there* for the worst piece of professional advice since someone ordered the Light Brigade to charge.

Any teacher with an ounce of sense would realise that Facebook and its ilk should be avoided at all costs - particularly when it comes to personal information.

*if not, I think we should institute one - perhaps via 'Orphans'.

formertory said...

Proof, if more were needed, that Facebook is largely the preserve of the hard of thinking.

There seem to be large numbers of teachers who have that problem.

Rob said...

"Professor of Social Responsibility in IT"

You are fucking joking. Really. Must be a spoof.

Shinar's Basket Case said...

Teachers? Almost as big a bunch of parasites as Farmers and they also whinge as much.

(Btw most of my family are/were teachers so maybe I'm biased).

There was a time when to be a teacher was something to aspire to....like being a lawyer or doctor.

I can't imagine any of my former teachers getting suicidal over personal attacks scribbled on the toilet walls of Facebook.

Fecesbook said...

Actually, it isn't a bad idea. Now, I hate facebook with a passion and refuse point-blank to have a page so scrotes can comment on my 'status'

But on the other hand... I hate to say it but it is what the students read. If you need to get a message to them I have to admit it may be the place to go.

Wish it weren't so, but while they are dumbed down it is hard to get them to pick up literature or even open up an educational web page.

The trick might be to actually put something of value in there. Contrary to what stoodents fink they do learn especially when they don't notice they're being taught, innit.

JuliaM said...

"Surely there must be some kind of award out there..."

That's a capital idea!

""Professor of Social Responsibility in IT"

You are fucking joking. Really. Must be a spoof."

Nope, this sort of stuff seems to be rife.

"But on the other hand... I hate to say it but it is what the students read. If you need to get a message to them I have to admit it may be the place to go."

In which case, an anonymised account (in the name of the school) would seem to be a better bet.

Or we could just let the ones that will only communicate this way fall by the wayside?