Thursday 28 January 2016

Because It’s So Much Better To Be Stabbed To Death With An Ordinary Kitchen Knife…

A terrifying new class of knife widely available on the internet from UK retailers and increasingly carried by gangs on the streets of Britain’s cities is set to be banned from sale, The Independent can reveal.
Sales of so-called “zombie killer” knives, serrated weapons with long blades inspired by horror films, have led to calls for a crackdown on the marketing methods of online vendors who sell them as collectors’ items to “exterminate the undead”.
But police forces have become so concerned at the potential proliferation of the knives in big cities that steps are now being taken to introduce an outright ban on the weapons.
Well, up to now, gangstas have been having a fine old time killing each other using ordinary kitchen knives.

So I rather doubt these would make that much difference.

Stop and search might, but we know how much the senior ranks of the police love the ‘Guardian’ and ‘Indy’ headlines that this gets, don’t we?
Senior officers are particularly concerned at the damage that such weapons can cause if used in an attack, warning that the mixture of sharp points and bladed and serrated edges on the knives would be likely to inflict lethal injuries in a stabbing.
Plain old sharp edges aren’t doing too badly.
It is possible under secondary legislation to outlaw specific types of knife and other weaponry.
Bans are already in place on the sale of at least 13 different types of blade, including flick knives, sword sticks and several classes of weapon associated with martial arts.
And they don’t seem to be working very well, do they?

But maybe there’s actual evidence that these things are a) more prevalent and b) more deadly?
Crime statistics do not record the precise type of weapon used in knife crime but senior officers acknowledge there is anecdotal evidence of the use of zombie-type blades.
A 15-year-old teenager was last month stabbed outside a south London primary school with a weapon police said was so long that it had entered the victim from the front and exited at the rear.
So…that’s a big ‘No’ then.

Just another 'Something must be done! This is something, so we'll do it!' waste of time. Just like the last time.


Diesel said...

a weapon police said was so long that it had entered the victim from the front and exited at the rear

Sounds like 3/4 of the knives in my kitchen.

I keep the swords and zombie killer knives in the hallway, just in case a zombie or Gruniad writer comes by.

Thud said...

I have a set of globals in the kitchen which are pretty much able to slice and dice anything whereas most knives wielded by the street monkeys may as well be tin....its the monkeys I'm bothered about.

Anonymous said...

No knives children!, say the people who take half our wages and buy nuclear bombs.

Fruitbat44 said...

My understanding is that your average Yobbo is more likely to use the humble Stanley knife that some, very expensive, anti-Zombie sword.

Why? If they get caught with it on them; "Oh Officer I was just doing some DIY and forgot about it." Or if they get a chance to ditch it, and I believe that often when Police show up at a fracas there'll be a print-free knife in the gutter which no one knows how it got there. Well then, they are just throwing away something cheap.

JuliaM said...

"Sounds like 3/4 of the knives in my kitchen."

Apart from a small paring knife, ditto! Maybe that 'obesity crisis' would solve this, though? ;)

"...whereas most knives wielded by the street monkeys may as well be tin."

They do the job, though!

"...some, very expensive, anti-Zombie sword."

Well, quite! They must think we're stupid to fall for such a tale. Like the supposed well-trained professional 'journalists' always do...