Monday, 11 January 2016


As Longrider often says, ‘Our gaff, our rules!’:
An organisation of mosques says it "unequivocally" rejects government proposals to require madrassas in England to be registered and inspected.
Fine. *points* Heathrow’s thataway. Off you go to somewhere you’ll find more congenial to your little medieval cult…
… in a response, the mosque leaders say the plans are based on "the flawed assumption that radicalisation takes place within some madrassas" and that such "control and monitoring" over lessons would "effectively lead to a form of state sanctioned religious expression". They say the registration and inspection plan "unduly encroaches on the legitimate right of faith providers to teach their children their faith". The mosque leaders also take issue with the use of the term "extremism" saying it is vaguely defined and "potentially all-encompassing".
Yes, I expect it encompasses such things as anti-semitism & hatred of ‘apostates’ and gays and freedom of speech. That might be a bit awkward for you, eh?
In his speech to the Conservative party conference, the prime minister called for such places of religious education to be registered and open to inspection, in a speech warning against the risk of extremist teaching. He claimed that in some madrassas, children were "having their heads filled with poison and their hearts filled with hate".
So, over to you then, Call Me Dave. They’ve thrown down the gauntlet. What are you going to do?


Anonymous said...

With successive governments working on the principle that the Frankfurt School philosophy is a training manual, do not expect any form of sensible, reasonable, conclusion to this. The laws of the land are shoved aside in the name of multiculturalism. Just wait until these followers of a thieving, raping, paedophile are in the majority and then see what happens to multiculturalism.

Trevor said...

They’ve thrown down the gauntlet. What are you going to do?

Nothing, of course. He only ever says the bare minimum to appease whichever audience he's addressing.

And in any case, what realistically can be done at this stage of the game? A frivolous, decadent civilisation in its death throes, although theoretically just about still capable of defeating the enemy if we could be arsed, we don't have the stomach to even name the problem, much less contemplate what needs to be done to achieve a permanent solution.

This week I am mainly being very pessimistic.

Woman on a Raft said...

That might be a bit awkward for you, eh?

If it would be, I'd support registration. But since the BBC enjoys sly antisemitism and OFSTED has a problem with Christianity, I know which organizations are going to find themselves crawled all over.

Down at the madrassah they will be allowed to carry on unhindered.

We are not allowed to tackle FGM as the wounding and perpetuation of abuse it is, even when it is easy to prove it has happened, so we certainly will not take effective action against slow-burn treason.

Andy said...

A tiny chink of light appears. Quite a few mozzies of Pakistani origin are pretty pissed off about wahabist influence in these here mad rasters. The house of Said has the coin, so what it says goes. Unless that missing word could be inserted into Dave's speeches, that word being WAHABIST. When we and our government can help the modernising of Mohammedanism we may find more allies than we could imagine. That modernisation, reformation, must be our task. Allowing the citizenry to rearm itself would help too.

tolkein said...

I agree with Woman on a Raft.

Would our local Church have to register its Sunday School and after school activities? Pay fees, be forbidden to carry out activities until approved? Would we have to devise a curriculum and submit to regular inspections? Would we have to have diversity in our teaching? Would we have to teach other faiths? Who would pay for this? (I'm joking, of course. It would be the local congregations.) Against whom would the inspections take place? Would the first be in deeply Muslim communities where everyone was hostile to the inspector, or the local CofE?
I think we all know the answer.
So, no registration.

JuliaM said...

"The laws of the land are shoved aside in the name of multiculturalism. "

And in Germany at least, there's now pushback. The future promises to be interesting.

"Nothing, of course. "

Yup, it was a tad rhetorical...

"Down at the madrassah they will be allowed to carry on unhindered. "

I predict Ch4's documentary team will start gearing up for another expose in a few months time...