Tuesday, 12 January 2016

I Can See My Tiny Violin Is Going To Be Getting A Workout In 2016…

A pit bull ripped off the hand of its owner's mother in a savage 18-minute attack, as terrified bystanders desperately tried to save her.
The 52-year-old woman was walking the animal in Northern Moor, Manchester, on Wednesday evening when it locked it’s jaw around her hand.
Brave neighbours, who would only give their names as Liz and Leanne, came to the woman’s aid when they heard her terrified screams.
Leanne, 30, tried to approach the dog but it was 18 minutes before they could loosen the dog’s grip but it had already severed her hand from her arm.
I can’t help by be cheered up by this new phenomenon of vicious chavdogs literally biting the hands that feed them. Instead of innocent bystanders or their pets.
Around 30 horrified residents came to the woman’s aid and the dog was eventually prised away from her by a 34-year-old man
She was taken into a friend’s house with her severed hand until an ambulance arrived to take her to hospital. The 34-year-old man, who also suffered numerous bite injuries, helped officers restrain the dog before it was locked in a cage and taken away by GMP.
It should have been shot then and there on the spot.

Now we get to pay for its (hideously expensive) incarceration and the trial of its pea-brained owner.


Ed P said...

18 minutes to make it let go? They could have stabbed it, shot it or stamped on its 'nads more quickly than that. And allegedly a finger (or similar) up the anus is the way to get chav-dogs to release their jaw grip (if stabbing, etc., is not a option).

"Biting the hand that feeds it" sent my coffee flying!

Budvar said...

OK Joolz, we get it, that you're more of a cat person, M'kay..

Thing is though, dogs are dogs, and some of the worst bitey things are things like Jack Russells and old womens pet dogs like pekenese/pug type things, and some of the worst things for mauling kids are the black and white collies and golden retrievers.

Staffies and pit bulls are the latest in a long line of "Devil Dogs", back in the 70s it was Alsatians, then it was Dobermans/Rottwiellers, and now it's the turn of Staffies etc.

Some people are just idiots, it's only common sense not to allow young kids and old people out with a big dog they're incapable of controlling. I think I've mentioned before about back in the 80s, a young girl was walking down the road with a young doberman pup (about 9mths old) and she was whacking it with a stick everytime it pulled on the lead. I said not to do that as it will start to turn nasty. Her reply was "Yeah, we had to have the other one put down because it turned nasty". The dogs are rarely the problem, but the idiot owners are.

James Higham said...

Pitbulls - every home should have two.

Ted Treen said...

Mr Higham, old lad,

Many homes do indeed have two:- when the wife has her mother to stay...

Ted Treen said...

Bud, you're quite correct, Although I am basically a moggie man, I care about and respect all animals*. I have long said that there are very few bad dogs but unfortunately there are a lot of bad owners.

*With the obvious exceptions of lefties, senior bankers and followers of 'the religion of peace'.

JuliaM said...

"18 minutes to make it let go?"

Indeed! It could be choked out via a collar (if wearing one) in under 6 minutes. I suspect no-one wanted to get too close, though.

"OK Joolz, we get it, that you're more of a cat person, M'kay.."

If the law let me own a tiger, I might feel differently about these chavs and their four-legged killers. At least the only mortal danger I'm in is being tripped on the stairs!

"Staffies and pit bulls are the latest in a long line of "Devil Dogs", back in the 70s it was Alsatians, then it was Dobermans/Rottwiellers..."

And for the same reason. Big dog = big damage. If a Jack Russell snaps at me, it'll get the toe of my court shoe down its throat. Try that with a pitbull and I won't be buying shoes in pairs any more...

"The dogs are rarely the problem, but the idiot owners are."

Agreed. And it's a problem for everyone, not least other (considerate) dog owners.