Sunday 17 January 2016

"It didn’t seem real, it was like watching an American crime drama."

I think I watch different shows, to be honest:
Cllr Millar told the ECHO the fight lasted just 90 seconds at about 1pm and the police arrived within three minutes.
And the weapons? AKs, MP5s, good old Smith & Wesson?
On the corner of Woodchurch Road by Derby Lane, a fight between two boys aged roughly 16-18 escalated as one drew out a sharpened trowel and residents got involved.
He said: “I have never, in all my many years in Liverpool, seen a running gang battle like that in any street.
“It could have easily been an older person or some one with a pram."
They might have been better armed!

"Look out, fellas, she's got a fully-automatic nappy bag!
"It was only when we got into the car that I realised how dangerous it could have been.
“What does it look like when we are showing small businesses off and we saw stupid, idiotic fighting going on?"
It looks like investing in business in Liverpool ain't a great idea, frankly.

Unless it's a gardening supplies business, of course.


Andy said...

Children have always had punch ups, always. Children don't necessarily want to maim and hurt each other but they fight tooth and nail to assert themselves in the pecking order. To do so they must fight within the unwritten rules. Our unwritten rules. Others, from elsewhere may have other rules. So, we learn, we arm ourselves appropriately. This is why we have children being frisked at school for blades. This is why some idjits want to ban blades and shooters so that, in their heads, there will be no more stabbings or shootings. The thick do not deserve to be free. Around me.

Trevor said...

Perhaps it's time for Gerry and his pacemaker to release Ferry Cross The Mersey yet again in order to raise awareness of the danger of dibbers.

michael miller said...

Perhaps it was a bricklayer's trowel which would be more like a dagger or short sword ? ...

JuliaM said...

"The thick do not deserve to be free. Around me."


"Perhaps it was a bricklayer's trowel which would be more like a dagger or short sword ?"

I wonder if those have ever featured in one of those 'surrender your weapon' drives the police often do?