Saturday 2 January 2016

Don't Mention The War Truth!

Zac Goldsmith’s mayoral campaign team is investigating a claim that one of their canvassers made an Islamophobic remark about the Labour candidate, Sadiq Khan.
Gosh! What did he say?

That Muslims are behind most of the wars in the world today? That their system of government is vile and misogynistic? That they increase tensions in communities with their incessant demands for capitulation to their (alien) culture?
The unidentified man was said to have been distributing leaflets for the Conservative candidate when he allegedly referred to Khan as “the Muslim” in a doorstep exchange with Perry Pontac, of Streatham, south London.
Ummm, so....isn't he a Muslim, then?

Are we supposed to not notice?!?
Pontac told the Guardian that the exchange occurred at lunchtime on 22 December. He said that as he returned home from shopping, he saw a white, middle-aged man standing in the front garden who indicated he was distributing leaflets.
Pontac said he opened the door and picked up the “Back Zac” flyers before offering to hand them back to the canvasser. “I told him: ‘You can have these back because I’m not voting for him, I’m voting for the MP for Tooting [Khan],’” he said.
He claimed the man replied in a disdainful tone: “You’re voting for the Muslim?”
So, it was his tone he objected to? Did he really expect any other response, when he mounted his high horse, strapped on his buckler of Righteousness and sallied forth?
Pontac, who was born in the US but is now a naturalised UK citizen having lived in Britain for 45 years, said he had never met Khan and lived just outside of his constituency.
He said he was a Labour voter and was once a party member but dropped out when Tony Blair took the UK into the Iraq war.
As a writer, he said, he was careful with words and was sure that he did not mishear the canvasser. “I am very careful about what I say because I don’t want any holes to be picked in what I say ,” he said.
No, I bet. I hope getting your name in the Guardian for this provides you with the warm glow of (self)satisfaction you're clearly searching desperately for, Mr Pontac.


Anonymous said...


Bang on Julia, a non-story but it will make all the Guardian readers feel happy in the warm glow of their self righteousness, just before the Muslims cut their throats for not following the Islamist way.

Wolfie said...

This is exactly what the Blair anti-racism laws were designed for, that what made a statement racist was merely down to the perception of the person receiving the statement. It's common amongst SWJs to not only hear intonation not there but also insert words into their memory not spoken (depending on the speaker), I worked with some a while back. Best to always have witnesses.

The only way forward for Londoners is to address each other using Hawkin voice synthesisers and stick only to material facts that do not address race or gender, then record everything on Go-Pro camera.

JuliaM said...

"...a non-story but it will make all the Guardian readers feel happy in the warm glow of their self righteousness..."

It's more reliable than my central heating!

"....then record everything on Go-Pro camera."

We seem to have already reached this point, at least!