Saturday 30 January 2016

Another Charity To Remove From My List Of Potential Donations And Bequests…

More than a third of children in the region are leaving primary school obese or overweight, new figures show.
Research released today (Friday, January 15) by the British Heart Foundation (BHF) has revealed the extent of weight problems facing young children, with 36 per cent of 11-year-olds in the North-East being an unhealthy weight.
According to the discredited BMI measurement?
The study also reveals about 33 per cent of year six primary school children in Yorkshire and the Humber are obese or overweight, leading to the BHF to call for a ban on all junk food TV advertising before 9pm as part of the Government’s Childhood Obesity Strategy.
I have, in the past, donated clothes and books to the local BHF charity shop. That stops now.
Mike Hobday, director of policy at the BHF, said: “It’s worrying that so many children in the North-East are obese or overweight.
“Carrying excess weight into adulthood increases the risk of developing heart disease in later life.
“We mustn’t allow food companies to continue to exploit a failing regulatory system that allows them to bombard TV screens with junk food adverts at the times when the highest numbers of children are watching TV.”
Listen, Hobday, you worthless mouthpiece, I didn’t donate stuff to your charity so you can jump aboard every passing nannystate bandwagon going!
The BHF’s analysis found that legislation loopholes mean that food companies can advertise junk food during programmes watched by children. They found that 13 junk food adverts were shown during just one X-Factor show last year, promoting unhealthy snacks such as crisps, chocolate bars and pizzas to the children watching before 9pm.
Current regulations mean that foods high in fat, saturated fat, salt and sugar are banned from being advertised during children’s programming.
But the latest Ofcom figures show that two-thirds of children watch TV during what is considered adult airtime, hence the BHF’s call for a 9pm junk food advertising watershed.
It’s not a ‘loophole’, FFS!

The regulations ban the advertising during children’s TV. That parents let their children watch adult TV is a matter for them, not for a charity.

And there is no such thing as ‘unhealthy snacks’. Unless they are eaten 24/7. And even if they are, that’s a matter for the individual. Not for a charity.


Anonymous said...

Off topic on this one but as you didn't reply to my update about the Bickleigh Castle Labrador saga I did a bit of research about the earlier dog attack you linked to in your article where you said D & C police had 'done nothing' about an earlier attack in Truro. A few seconds of typing found this -
It would seem the matter is still before the courts and awaits a hearing at a later date. Perhaps you should wait until you have the full facts before going off on one?

Vanessa said...

I seriously have to question the childhood obesity figures. Living where I do and seeing children leaving both primary and secondary schools every day, it is rare to see a child that could be described as chubby. So it would be fair to say that exposure to these evil adverts makes not a ha'penth of difference.

Bucko said...

I crossed them off my list years ago

Anonymous said...

The conflation of obese and overweight is pure propaganda. As there is no discernible health impact from being overweight the term "healthy weight" in this context is meaningless. In fact it is an excellent example of the dumbed down idiotic times in which we live.

I stopped supporting the BHI a long time ago.

Smoking Scot said...

Taken you far too long to suss out British Heart Foundation's a complete fraud. Along with Cancer Research UK.

This guy's even written a book on the whole sordid travesty - and gives brief details here:

Andy said...

Maybe it's not the food but the climate. The food industry tells us that a Mediterranean diet is good for you. Meanwhile, the charity industry wants pizza advertising to be banned. Chocolate? Don't Antarctic explorers and such pack chocolate as an essential? So its all down to the climate. Are you listening Mr. Ban Ki Moon? More things to hang on the climate hockey stick.

Flaxen Saxon said...

These evil people must be stopped. Bring on the fatties is what I say. How are us lean well proportioned and beautifully put together folk going to get our jollies if everyone is skinny. Eats chips should be our watchword. The stupid and the fat (mutually inclusive) need to be nurtured for the enjoyment of enlightened folk.

Anonymous said...

If a few crappy 30 second adverts have done the damage the BHF claim, what damage to the nation's domestic relationships must have been caused by broadcasting EastEnders for 30 minutes umpteen times a week for years ?

James Higham said...

BHF long off my list of charities to give to. We had one near where I worked and the woman who ran it was notorious locally - people avoided the shop like the plague.

JuliaM said...

"Off topic on this one but as you didn't reply to my update about the Bickleigh Castle Labrador saga..."

That's because I tend to do my responses at the weekend!

" linked to in your article where you said D & C police had 'done nothing' about an earlier attack in Truro..."

At the time of posting, they hadn't. That they have done subsequently is to their credit. I guess we'll have to wait until February to find out what the outcome is, though...

" is rare to see a child that could be described as chubby."

It's very different in inner-city areas, I can assure you!

"This guy's even written a book on the whole sordid travesty"

One for the reading list!