Thursday, 21 January 2016

Keep Telling Yourselves ‘Crime Doesn’t Pay’…

…because the criminals are telling themselves something quite different:
A legal executive who was jailed for taking £100,000 from vulnerable, elderly clients so she could invest in a gym and refurbish her home could be out of her cell nine months earlier than expected.
Joni Parrington could leave prison in April next year despite being given a conditional release date of January 2017 when she was sentenced in June, The Argus can reveal.
What sort of deterrent is this?
A Ministry of Justice spokesman stressed the process was entirely "normal" but victims and those affected by Parrington's actions disagreed.
I just bet they did!
Release on temporary licence will be granted by the Ministry of Justice to help her “re-acclimatise” back into the community.
Why would she need to ‘reacclimatise’ when she’s hardly been in there long?!?

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