Tuesday 5 January 2016

They Sound Eminently Reasonable To Me...

Judge Lynn Roberts has made a care order which means the couple must share parental responsibility with Essex County Council to ensure the youngster's welfare needs are met.
The judge said the couple had an entrenched mistrust and a lack of respect and appeared to assume no non-medical professional involved with their daughter was to be trusted
Sounds like they have their heads screwed on right then!

Family courts and care orders are, of course, famously secretive, and no details have emerged on why they might feel this way (other than the social services' well deserved reputation in Essex, of course). Are there any clues?
Judge Roberts said the girl had complex medical, physical and psychological difficulties and concluded a care order was necessary.
She said: "Her father is very protective of his daughter for understandable reasons.
"He considers he has had to fight hard to get her the services she requires."
Aha! Say no more. The farmer doesn't like it much when the sheep objects to being herded or shorn...


Ted Treen said...

Too many social services departments are run & staffed by petty gauleiters.

Perhaps it's no co-incidence their initials are SS.

JuliaM said...

Very serendipitous...