Thursday, 14 July 2016

Can We Stop Calling People Like This 'Animal Lovers'..?

Harry Macdonald defending Mrs Carrone, 49, told Brighton Magistrates' Court yesterday: "She was a woman caring for cats for many years.
"He comes along and was quite frankly killing them.
"She accepts is (sic) was unrealistic to hope he would change."
But she preferred the company of a monster to her pets. So she let it slide. I cannot wrap my head around the idea that this woman wanted pets at all...
Mr MacDonald said disabled Mrs Wilson, who is in a wheelchair, suffers from spina bifida and other medical problems, was entirely dependant on her husband.
But she admitted she "should have been more proactive in challenging her husband about his care of the cats".
Ya think?!?
The court was told the couple had separated following the death of Tiny Tim.
Not that dependent then? Unless that was just for show.
As a result magistrates yesterday looked leniently on Mrs Wilson, who admitted failing to protect the kitten from unnecessary suffering, and agreed she could be allowed to keep her last remaining cat and she was served a conditional discharge.

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