Wednesday, 6 July 2016

Don't Be Coy, Adam...

Adam Pipe, casualty reduction manager for Essex Police, said KSI stats, which cover those killed or seriously injured in accident, are falling among the traditional biker demographic.
Instead, his officers are seeing younger riders, often on mopeds, riding dangerously.
He said: “Motorcycle casualties remain a massive part of our overall casualty data, it’s about 25 per cent of all of our KSIs.
“It’s a very, very vulnerable group.”
...tell us who you really mean?
Mr Pipe said police are being “bombarded” with reports of youths and young men riding motorbikes and mopeds in a dangerous fashion around housing estates and on main roads, often without helmets. This has led to a high visibility crackdown, particularly in Basildon, Southend and Thurrock.
He said: “These are off-road bikes using the highways, motorcycles that are unregistered, made-up number plates, that sort of stuff.
“There is some really poor riding behaviour from a key group of individuals that seem to think they are above and beyond the law. They seem to think they are untouchable.
Gosh. I can't imagine who you might be talking about...


MTG said...

What is being done by police to reduce the problem?
Mr Cu Pipe said "It’s a case of trying to educate, engage and we are having stickers made and handing out free sweets to estate people of no particular appearance."

CJ Nerd said...

KSI (Killed or Seriously Injured) is a statistical sleight-of-hand used by the Nanny State to try to stamp out, among other things, motorcycling.

If you become dead and remain dead forever, you've been KSI.

If you get a broken bone, you've been KSI.

If you spend one night in hospital, you've been KSI.

It's a way of lumping together bad outcomes and Really Bad Outcomes to make a problem seem more serious than it is.

However, in this case, they also need to adjust for Darwin Award effects.

stengle said...

MotoX wankers, sorry I mean bikers, use our local bridle paths to demonstrate that they have no jobs and no future by riding around as fast as they can any time of day or night. Amazingly these bikes are paid for by the Sate's generous welfare schemes.

One thing they do too is to tear up farmer's fields because nothing says you are young and cool quite like damaging the local harvest and -- possibly -- pushing up the price of food in the shops.

These kids have no helmets, registration and I suspect no licences. One of the things they do to justify their 'freedom' is to spray paint slogans like "Free to roam. It's the law" wherever they can. Of course, the law that requires them to have helmets, licences, etc aren't the laws they approve of.

However one dummy spayed the slogan "Free to Rome" on a path. He must have been a pal of the Pope.

Anonymous said...

@CJ Nerd.
I believe that the same technique is used with regard to drink related hospital admissions. If you are taken ill in any way whatsoever, your problem will be recorded as being drink related if a single glass of shandy has passed your lips in the last twenty four hours.

With regard to people who ride motorcycles like idiots. It is a problem to those of us that ride in a responsible manner that these fools give us a bad name. Their effect on KSI stats will give the impression that riding a motorcycle is far more dangerous than it actually is. But at least they are doing us all a favour by removing themselves from the gene pool.


Andy said...

Many years ago I had a little motorcycle stolen. The Police, understandably, admitted that not much that they could do. My own enquiries led me to a semi permanent impromptu caravan site and recycling centre. After some negotiations I was reunited with my bike, the scrotes got nicked, and I owed a few bevvies amongst the "biker community". The good of days of no no go areas.

Lynne at Counting Cats said...

It's not the self-Darwinning that gets me, it's those interminable "he was a good boy with a heart of gold and there's a new angel in heaven tonight" BS tributes.

MTG said...

You can count on being popular when it becomes fashionable to be heartless, Lynne.

Lynne at Counting Cats said...

MTG I don't give a kipper's dangly bits what you think or about your faux piety. Haven't you worked that one out yet?

You can needle all you want because it's just dihydrogen monoxide off a greased duck's back.

MTG said...

Hi Lynne. So we can now also eliminate from your CV, the appearance of any qualifications remotely linked to chemistry or marine biology. It's a very long shot, but are you morphed from that quiet, ginger-haired girl with halitosis, who paid in spangles and pastilles to copy from me at a Leeds primary school?

JuliaM said...

"What is being done by police to reduce the problem?"

Given their useless top brass insist they don't pursue the little cherubs, lest they fall off, what, really, can they do?

"...a statistical sleight-of-hand used by the Nanny State to try to stamp out, among other things, motorcycling. "

Because collective punishment seems to be the only type of punishment they really enjoy... :/

"However one dummy spayed the slogan "Free to Rome" on a path."

Let's bring back an old Roman custom, just for him. How about decimation?

"...and I owed a few bevvies amongst the "biker community"."


"'s those interminable "he was a good boy with a heart of gold and there's a new angel in heaven tonight" BS tributes."

And the inevitable compo case when the scrote's parents think they can soak the police for beer vouchers when little Shane wraps himself round a stationary Volvo.

Lynne at Counting Cats said...

MTG - It's sweet that you are trying to out IQ me. However, I suggest you read a few science text books first. I suggest you initially consult a book that defines the difference between marine biology and avian biology. And then perhaps explain to me why mentioning a common and very widespread chemical compound dihydrogen monoxide, literally H2O to give it its empirical formula, creates a problem for you. Perhaps I should have given it a more generic name - water.

BTW you were never in my class, MTG.