Monday, 18 July 2016

"Wait, We Have To Entertain Our Own Kids Now? OUTRAGE!!"

Monkey Bizness in Lewes usually charges £6.25 for children aged 4 to 12 years old in off peak periods which they describe as Monday to Friday during term time.
However yesterday, as members of the National Union of Teachers striked (sic), parents who visited the soft play said they were charged £1 extra - the prices charged at weekends and during school holidays.
Well, since demand increased on their services and they needed more staff to cover, of course they did. Who couldn't possibly see the sound business reasons for...

Oh, Wait.
Posting on Facebook, ‎Samantha Morris‎ wrote: "Doubling your prices on teachers strike day?
"We come every Tuesday lunchtime and it costs £4, I'm shocked you have exploited parents by putting the price up to £7.50 because the teachers are striking!"
Julie Marchant wrote: "Absolutely disgusting I've just looked on there (sic) website and it says nothing about teacher strike day at all. Monkey Bizness should be ashamed."
Vicki Melville-Reed wrote: "Revolting, greedy behaviour. This strike is necessary for the schooled children of the UK.
"Every parent I know is standing by the teachers, these teachers have chosen to lose pay so the government will hopefully listen to them, to do right by the children.
"Parents are having to take time off work to look after their children, perhaps losing money or holiday time. Successful companies like Sealife and Drusillas are standing by the teachers and the parents but not Monkey Bizness."
*sighs* Figures. Chavmums can't, of course...


Antisthenes said...

It would never enter the minds of these dependency and entitlement loons that they have a good standard of living because the laws of supply and demand provides them with the goods and services that make them so well off. They wish it not to apply then the end result will be that service will in the end not be available to them. They will then curse the providers for not providing being too dumb to realise they caused the shortage. That is what price controls do. Ask Venezuelans they will happily explain.

JuliaM said...

"Ask Venezuelans they will happily explain."

I can't imagine the howling level should the average chavmum find herself unable to buy toilet paper!