Thursday, 7 July 2016

This One Hits All The Chav Markers!

A 16-year-old girl ‘paid the ultimate price’ after taking a cocktail of heroin, ecstasy and cocaine, an inquest heard. Sky Nicol died after taking ‘off the scale amounts’ of the drugs in Blackburn town centre.
In a state of panic, East Lancashire coroner Michael Singleton heard the teenager’s friend held off ringing an ambulance for more than half an hour, after calling a second friend to come round and help.
Incompetent youth!
Questioning the witness, the former Darwen Vale High School pupil’s mum, Susan Graham asked why there was a delay in calling the ambulance.
She said: “They killed her.
“The ambulance should have been called straight away.”
Failure to recognise personal responsibility on the part of the deceased!
The mother of Sky’s friend said: “I had no concern at first for Sky’s state.
“She was laughing and acting normal.
“I was only alarmed when she was having a fit and I told my daughter to ring an ambulance.”
When questioned by Mrs Graham why she did not call the ambulance herself, she said: “I was not near the telephone my daughter was closer.”
In the wake of Sky’s death, Lucy Hardwick, manager at Accrington charity Maundy Relief, said that young people need to be more aware of the risks they are taking.
Pointless 'awareness' campaigns demanded!

I think 'Chav Bingo' might just become as big a sport as 'Bullshit Bingo'...


Bucko said...

It gets better. A friend of hers approached Blackburn Rovers football club and asked for a 'minutes applause' in her memory to be held at the next match. When they told her they weren't interested, she went to the Lancashire Telegraph and asked fans to do it themselves.
She was roundly lampooned under the article.

Apparently her dad also publicly kicked off because he was tired of everyone saying 'there's a new angel in heaven tonight' when she was no angel. I only heard that one on the grapevine though, so can't vouch for it's accuracy.

Northish said...

What we are doing isn't working, personal responsibility doesn't save the immature. Time for the Singapore approach.

The possession, consumption, manufacturing, import, export, or trafficking of these and other controlled drugs in any amount are illegal. Persons caught with less than the Mandatory Death Penalty amounts of these controlled substances face penalties ranging from caning[9] (up to 24 strokes) to life in prison. Pursuant to a law change in 2009, cannabis (marijuana) and marijuana mixtures (diluted with other substances) are treated the same under Singapore law—the presumed intent is trafficking.

Weekend Yachtsman said...


Feckless useless parents.

One can hardly blame the child; there but for the grace of God...

It's a tragedy isn't it.

Andy said...

It's not like coroners to get into a state of panic, unless there should have been a comma after "heard".
It is a tragedy, useless schools filling children's minds with ideas of entitlement, that anything goes. Their role models put the rubber stamp of cool on such stupidity. Sometimes I'm glad that I'm getting old and won't be around to see how all this pans out. Now, where's me Rizlas?

pjt said...

Why was East Lancashire coroner Michael Singleton in a state of panic?

Lynne at Counting Cats said...

It's amazing how these people indulge in stupidity while believing that the deadly consequences only happen to other people.

selsey.steve said...

Yet more evidence that Darwin was,in fact, absolutely correct.

Anonymous said...

Easy enough to cure, always has been.

Convicted of dealing in drugs? death penalty mandatory within the hour, no ifs no buts no appeals, hey presto no line of wannabe dealers waiting in the wings for their share of fool's money.

Those who are stupid enough to poison themselves with the filth, lock them up until they're clear and cured of the need, no phone no telly no comforts, make the experience as thoroughly unpleasant as possible, that addiction won't be quite so addictive in future.

Whilst we ponce around being caring and understanding, the real evil in our society grows like a malignant cancer.


Ed P said...

The school should change its name from Darwen to Darwin

Anonymous said...


I am told that in China any death sentence (for example, drug dealers) is carried out swiftly, and the bill for the bullet is sent to the deceased's family.

Harsh but I am led to believe they do not get many repeat offenders.

JuliaM said...

"It gets better."

The chutzpah..! It burns!

"Time for the Singapore approach."

I loved Singapore when I visited it. Just sayin'... ;)

"One can hardly blame the child; there but for the grace of God..."

Maybe not, what role models she must have had. Burn it all down, start again.

"It's not like coroners to get into a state of panic, unless there should have been a comma after "heard"."

I suspect so. Local news sites are getting worse, as with everything else. 'Education, education, education', eh?

"The school should change its name from Darwen to Darwin"