Wednesday, 20 July 2016

He Doesn't Sound Like A Danger To The Public, Does He?

Kate Batty, for the prosecution, accused Imran of acting “The big ‘I am’,” in his neighbourhood, walking the streets and asking people: “What are you staring at?”
After the verdict, John Boumphrey, Imran’s barrister, said there may have been some element of provocation.
“There was an unwise coming together of these two people, under the circumstances,” he said.
Imran had mental health problems and learning difficulties.
He was under the care of a psychiatrist and would find custody particularly difficult.
Probably shouldn't be wandering the streets attacking strangers with a hammer, then.
Imran had not been assessed as a danger to the public and would be released from prison when he had served half his sentence, Recorder Smith said.
Hopefully, to live next door to Recorder Smith...

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