Monday, 11 July 2016

You're An Adult And Can't Look After Yourself?

Speaking on the site, Thomas Quilligan said the families are being chased around London while trying to find somewhere to stay.
“Our kids go to school here,” he said. “We need someone to look after us.”
It's not like you even have this man's excuse, is it?
After receiving his first warning in May, Simon visited Barking CAB in Ripple Road. Struggling to understand the DWP warning, Simon showed an advisor the letter, which states his active benefit payments “may be affected” if a mental health questionnaire is not returned by June 20.
The advisor claimed he wouldn’t be paid until he returned the questionnaire, leading Simon to believe he’d been paid in error.
“I’m a slow learner,” he said. “I’m slow to pick up what someone wants me to do. If it’s something I have to read I can read it but understanding it’s a different matter altogether. That’s where I need help.
Sounds like he'd be perfect for a job at the CAB, doesn't it?

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