Monday, 13 March 2017

Benin Sorcerers Got Nothin' On The British Judiciary...

Wait, I thought women couldn't...? I thought because they didn't have..?

Nor was I the only person baffled! But all is now revealed:
Brannen was born male – but we readers weren’t allowed to know that. It’s not that this detail wasn’t important (and as I will argue, m’Lud, it’s crucial) or forgotten. It was omitted in the moral panic around both privacy and ‘misgendering’, the progressive cause de nos jours.
To call someone by the wrong title is considered verbal assault and even bigotry.
Chief Sorcerer Obungo Mfasa from Cotonou, when asked to comment, said 'White man magic plenty strong!'

H/T: WoaR in comments


Anonymous said...


For God's sake he was a man and still is, with just some cosmetic surgery and hormones changed. This should have been stated in the report, report it fully and put the bastard in a male prison. Commit the crime as a man, serve the sentence as a man.

JuliaM said...

Such are the logistical convolutions of the modern prison 'service'!