Friday, 31 March 2017

Quote Of The Month

Bill Sticker on dietary fads:
"As for Kale, it’s one of those things I was once persuaded, much against my good judgement, to eat. But honestly after one prickly mouthful found wasn’t worth the effort. I’d class it as one of those foods you only need to eat if there’s nothing else in the larder and every shop within a fifty mile radius has sold out and shut down for the next forty eight hours. Yes, it’s got minerals and vitamins, but so has a brick."


Pcar said...

Ah, Prickly Kale - one of many hipster fad foods.

Allegedly eating it raw - as many do - can result in damage to oesophagus and stomach. What a surprise.

Will eating Berberis - nice red leaves - be the next fad.

imho Kale, like broccoli, is livestock food.

JuliaM said...

It's OK, but it's not my favourite. It is, however, preferable to white cabbage, which is ghastly no matter how it's cooked.

Pcar said...


Cooking white cabbage is the mistake. Eat it raw - add carrot & mayo if desired.

Try some raw white cabbage in an eg cheese (& tomato) sandwich instead of lettuce.