Tuesday, 28 March 2017

Sympathy Well Runs Dry

A young mum whose children witnessed a man injecting drugs on a stair well outside her front door has called on the council to make her block of flats safer.
Alice Steadman was on her way to the job centre with her 19-month-old son Matthew when they saw a man inject himself in the arm in the communal stairway leading to their first floor flat in Dagenham on Tuesday afternoon.
And it was not the first time the mum of two had been disturbed by drug users outside her home in Stansgate Road, with her four-year-old daughter Holly-May having seen a man injecting himself too.
Well, maybe that Job Centre visit should have been priority number one before getting pregnant twice?

Then you wouldn't find yourself at the mercy of wherever Dagenham council ratepayers are prepared to fund you to live?
Confronting the addicts on one occasion, a concerned Alice and her partner Dennis Law, 40, warned them CCTV cameras were in the building, but they replied that they didn’t care.
And...you know what? Nor do I.


Bucko said...

Chav double-barreled first name again

JuliaM said...

Yup! Often a dead giveaway. I must find some scripting that'll home in on this stuff on a search... ;)