Thursday, 16 March 2017

The Seal Got Off Rather Lightly...

A young mother has described her shock after being punched in the face when she confronted a group teenagers who were tormenting a seal.
Sarah Tough was left with blood pouring down her face when she was hit in the nose by the ringleader of the youths who were worrying the animal as it tried to head to the sea at Crimdon beach, in east Durham, on Monday.
Isn't that near Hartlepool?
Mrs Tough said the RSPCA came out and checked on it and said it was fine and would go back in with the tide.
She added: “I’m not angry. I’m just glad the seal is ok. I am just confused. I don’t understand why they would do that.”
Because it's near Hartlepool, love.


Anonymous said...

"Because it's near Hartlepool, love."
There is no evidence that the seal torturers were from Hartlepool. They could just as easily come from Crimdon, Trimdon, Blackhall, Hordern, Sunderland, or even from Southend on a cultural trip. If anyone in Hartlepool wanted to torture a seal, they needn't go all the way to Crimdon, but could have gone down to Seal Sands, south of the town. Having lived in both Southend (where you often write about) and Hartlepool, I know which of the two places I prefer. It's not always grim up North, but it's always shite in Southend.

JuliaM said...

" It's not always grim up North, but it's always shite in Southend."

Tru dat! :)