Saturday, 11 March 2017

Is This Really The Best You Can Do?

The progressives are unerringly picking excellent examples of the 'inhumane' State that insists on its immigration laws being followed:
Sophia told The Independent being away from her children was traumatic.
“As a mother, no words can describe how I feel being stuck in this prison as my kids need me more than ever," she said.
"Why are they punishing my family for something minor I did as a troubled kid? They are tearing families apart.”
Technically, aren't you the one punishing your family? After all, it was you that decided to embark on a life of crime in someone else's country...
Sophia’s indefinite leave to remain was revoked after she was entangled in a fraud case, which she says she knew nothing about and was tricked and manipulated into by her then partner.
She was initially sentenced to 21 months in prison because she already had a criminal record, having been convicted of several small shoplifting offences more than 10 years ago, when she was trying to support her three children as a single parent living below the poverty line.
Gosh, she sounds like a real asset to the country, doesn't she?
The Home Office has said Sophia can appeal to reverse their decision from outside the country under the recently expanded the "deport first appeal later" rule.
Now, I'm sure there are genuine cases of hardship - bureaucratic wheels do indeed tend to crush undeserving cases under them.

So why can't the open borders advocates ever find any that stand up to a moment's scrutiny?


Anonymous said...

Take the kids with her - I don't want to pay for them.

JuliaM said...

Me neither...