Saturday, 25 March 2017

Invasive And Unwanted...

...the RSPCA has now called for the sale of tanukis - also known as raccoon dogs - to be banned.
Really? Aren't they already regulated? Don't you need a wild animal licence?

Well, no. DEFRA is unconcerned. So why are the RSPCA getting out of their box?
The charity has confirmed that the creatures, which are native to Japan, Siberia and China, have already escaped into the wild and are posing a threat to British wildlife.
And there are fears that tanukis, which harbour high levels of parasites, could also infect humans, in some cases with lethal results.
RUN! RUN! Godzilla was nothing, here comes the Terrible Tanuki!
Dr Ros Clubb, RSPCA wildlife and exotic specialist, said: “We know that some raccoon dogs are now living wild in Britain, and there is a risk that they could start to breed.
“We want the authorities to ban the sale of these animals as pets. They are simply not suitable, and they are escaping and getting out into the natural environment.”
Yes, not regulate them, ban them. No-one is allowed to have a pet that the RSPCA disapproves of. It's why little old ladies leave them bequests, clearly...
“People might think 'I could just keep them in my living room and keep them as a dog but they're wild animals and need large areas and people just don't know how to look after them,” said Dr Clubb.
“They can be aggressive, some don't like to be handled or touched. They may run away or escape. It's a nightmare trying to re-home them - when we hear one has come in we all just sigh.
Before euthanizing it? Like you do with so many seized animals PETA is probably going to come to you for advice?

But maybe my dislike for this ghastly self-serving fakecharity is colouring my reaction. Maybe we are overrun with cute but deadly raccoon dogs?
The RSPCA last year received 15 complaints about raccoon dogs and rescued three, up from four complaints and two rescues in 2015.
Oh. OK. That's a 'no' then?

Let's cull another invasive & unwanted species, then: Rspca vulgaris.


James Higham said...

I've got a cat licence and a fish licence.

Lynne at Counting Cats said...

Why don't they go after an invasive, deliberately relased species that is a proven real danger to our wildlife - mink.

I've seen the devastation just on of these vicious little fuckers did to a pond containing more than a hundred koi and mirror carp. It wasn't pretty and the thing didn't move on until it had killed the lot.

JuliaM said...

"I've got a cat licence and a fish licence."


"Why don't they go after an invasive, deliberately released species that is a proven real danger to our wildlife - mink."

I think otterhound packs were retrained for these, weren't they? Before NuLab's ruinous hunting bill.