Monday, 6 March 2017

Well, It Is Essex....

Jill Collins, who taught at Castledon School, in Bromfords Drive, Wickford, blamed her slurred speech on migraine medication- but failed a police breath test after being escorted from the grounds.
A National College for Teaching and Leadership panel heard senior staff checked her emails after concerns and found several inappropriate messages sent to her partner, including links to the Ann Summers website.
 Charming! But not unusual in Essex.
Following her suspension, Collins continued to contact staff and parents on 12 occasions.
In one case, she left voicemails for a parent which were “annoyed and aggressive” in tone and delivered in a “high pitched and exaggerated voice”.
No doubt after she'd had another skinful. And without even the excuse of the kids driving her to drink.
Collins did not appear at the hearing and was banned from the profession at least until February 2019.
Probably working somewhere else under an assumed name.

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