Wednesday, 29 March 2017

Moving Pictures...

Laureen Shaw, councillor for Roche North and Rural, asked whether members of the Rayleigh speedwatch group could pass on details of motorists using their mobile phones so police could send out a warning letter.
Well, why not? It does seem as though it's considered useful in other initiatives.
She said: “I have been advised that we can’t take the registration numbers because there is no video to prove it. Is there any way you could send a letter to say ‘stop it’?”
Wait, what? Not because of privacy and data protection, then?
Mr Westley said he would look into whether the force would be allowed to send the letters.
Shouldn't he know?


The Jannie said...

Or was it a polite way of saying "fuck off, get a life".

Andy said...

This reminds me of the old East German STASI. Their citizens eager to grass up neighbours, even family. Heaven help us.

JuliaM said...

"Or was it a polite way of saying "fuck off, get a life"."

Well, I've used that phase that way on occasion... ;)