Friday, 24 March 2017

Cougar On The Loose...

Police searched the premises and found Sam Chambers, 24, in the house he shared with Copperthwaite, 41, surrounded by drugs paraphernalia.
This included lottery slips for wrapping cocaine, scales, customer lists, mobile phones and 162 grams of bicarbonate of soda- a mixing agent.
The total amount of cocaine found was 13 grams.
Bang to rights!
Matthew Sorrell-Cameron, prosecuting, said the aggravating factor for all three was the fact Copperthwaite’s 16-year-old daughter also lived at the address.
He said: “She allowed these two men to use her premises as a base for drug dealing, whether to store the drugs, prepare the drugs or sell the drugs.”
Mother of the year, clearly.
Copperthwaite was found guilty of being concerned in the supply of a class drug.
She also admitted answering bail with an offensive weapon in July last year - namely a snooker ball in a sock.
Judge Samantha Leigh jailed Chambers for three years and nine months and Flynn for four years. She handed Copperthwaite a 24 month prison sentence, suspended for 24 months. She must complete 200 hours of unpaid work.
I guess we shouldn't be too surprised, when we see the name of the judge. She's got form, after all. More form than Shergar!

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