Saturday, 28 September 2019

Perhaps It's Time They Were..?

Whew! That makes everything OK, then. Just ignore the fact a woman was savaged to death in her own house by her own 'pets' who even the authorities struggled to contain at the scene...
Mum-of-three Elayne Stanley, 44, died after being attacked by two American Bulldogs at the house in Graham Road, Widnes, Cheshire, on Tuesday evening.
One dog was shot at the scene and, on Friday, police confirmed the second dog had also been destroyed.
Why were both not shot then and there on the scene? Why even attempt to tranquilise the other?
Inquiries are ongoing into the woman's death but no arrests have been made, police have said. Ms Stanley's family are currently being supported by specialist officers.
If a woman chooses to keep two large, potentially-killer dogs, and the inevitable happens, why should we lavish State care on her relatives? Will it continue after the inevitable #chavshrine send off?

And why have no arrests been made?
Now, Paul Leigh, Elayne's former partner, who used to own the dogs, said they had never been aggressive in his experience with them."
Ah. That's handy, isn't it? Otherwise, if you admitted ownership, you might be getting your collar felt. 


Just Trevor said...

My nephew got an American bulldog bitch a few years ago (it died aged 7). She was a very friendly, rather soft thing. His next-door neighbours had two of her male litter mates, but never walked or obviously socialised them. One day, out of the blue, they attacked and killed the family's existing dog, a Jack Russell. They ate it.

I'm torn over whether there are breeds that should be totally banned. We seem to have been here several times before. I'm all for punishing negligent owners and giving them lifetime bans from owning pets. Naturally, aggressive dogs should be put down immediately.

JuliaM said...

"I'm torn over whether there are breeds that should be totally banned."

I'm not. Never seen the sense in laws that demand I get a dangerous wild animal licence to keep a wolf, yet won't bar me from buying 'domestic pets' bred to kill them!