Saturday, 6 March 2021

And So It Should...

The findings may suggest widespread support for the “levelling up” agenda espoused by the government as the country attempts to rebound after Covid, the authors said.
But it will also raise questions about the popularity of anti-inequality policies focusing on ethnic minorities and women.

Good! It's about time the people pushing this agenda learned what real people thought of it. 

Nearly half of people believe those who lost their job during the pandemic were likely to have been underperforming, a survey has found.
In findings that will raise fears over inequalities in Britain, a study of attitudes by researchers at Kings College London showed a significant minority thought a widening post-Covid income gap between white people and BAME groups would not be a problem.

I don't believe it's a problem. I believe it's a teachable moment for those black or ethnic parents to point to them and say to their children 'This is how you don't approach life'..  

In one of the starkest findings, one in eight Britons (13%) said they think black people are more likely to be unemployed and have lower incomes because they “lack motivation or willpower”.

Looking at the parade of black and ethnic criminals before the courts each day, who could doubt it? 

They aren't there because they worked too hard, but because they sought quick returns, often by dealing illegal substances, or ignoring safety laws. 

The authors said the overall findings showed “meritocratic and individualistic tendencies” are likely to temper calls for action on inequality.
“There is a strong belief in meritocracy in Britain – that hard work and ambition remain key drivers of success, and this colours views, even during a pandemic,” the report said.

That this reports says this as if it were something to be scorned tells you all you need to know... 


Anonymous said...

I am not a person of colour but I have in my lifetime been discriminated against mainly for jobs. It didn't stop me from trying hard in the working world and for the majority of my adult life I have worked hard despite disability.
There are jobs out there and eventually anybody who is looking for work will find something. It may not be a good job but you should take whatever is going and try to build up to better. I believe this to be the same for people of colour. Yes there are some employers who discriminate but a secure person would not let it bother them. Instead of kicking up a song and dance they should realise it's not meant to be and move on. There are many people of colour that are in good jobs and they no doubt have worked hard to get there but the one thing I have noticed in these recent years of being around some people of colour is that they want money but don't want hard work. In prisons I discovered most were there for drug dealing or prostitution. Easy way to make money I suppose. Most were from backgrounds with poor parenting and usually a lack of a father figure. Even now where I am I talk to some people of colour who claim they hate living here and they accuse the locals of racism. This is because they are criticised for doing nothing every day and have no inclination to better their lives by work or education. Needless to say these people of colour want to move to places where other people of colour are where they can congregate together. In Great Britain at this time there is always some way to find opportunities for anybody regardless of disability or skin colour. But what people must be taught is that you must be prepared to motivate yourself and work hard and be seen to do a good job of things. Yes there should be more jobs created with more training and promotions for good work, that is what the government needs to focus on, but parents should be advised on how to ensure their children learn to do the right thing in life and how to build for the future.

I find there is too much idleness, whinging, greed and the me,me,me attitude rather than instilling pride in people for doing things the right way and this should apply to everyone not a selected few.

MrMC said...

Just one thing to learn: the delay of instant gratification

Stonyground said...

"Levelling Up"? Is there anyone on earth who doesn't yet know that the result of such schemes is always levelling down?

JuliaM said...

"...but the one thing I have noticed in these recent years of being around some people of colour is that they want money but don't want hard work."

Isn't that just a recent phenomenon, though? Look at the Windrush Generation, and compare them to modern-day.

"Just one thing to learn: the delay of instant gratification"

Spot on!

"Is there anyone on earth who doesn't yet know that the result of such schemes is always levelling down?"

Far too many, and far to many of them in power.