Tuesday, 30 March 2021

Law Of Averages...

A new data study examining the hygiene ratings of chicken shops in every London borough has mapped your chances of getting hygienic food (or not) when choosing one of London's most popular take away meals.

'Most popular', or most dangerous..? 

It showed that Richmond, one of the capital's most affluent boroughs, in fact had the lowest average hygiene ratings of any borough in London...

Richmond...!? Seriously?  

...though that was based on the one registered chicken shop there included in the study, which had a hygiene rating of 1.



MrMC said...

Soon be fried chicken for all at the Whitehouse

Doonhamer said...

Wot? No quail?

Lord T said...

That is the problem with stats. You need to understand more than the end numbers and most people don't read beyond the headlines.

Anonymous said...

I remember on one borough I worked there was weeping and wailing when the burglary rate increased by "10%" one month. We were called in to do pointless burglary patrols by the senior management one Sunday on our day off (no overtime, just a re-rostered day given back).Must be seen to be doing something. The Detective Inspector stood up with his serious face on giving us a lecture about this problem and an old sweat-not me- asked him two questions.

Firstly-what was the actual number increase? He said it was ten a week now it's eleven. Proving that statistics are manipulated to prove any point.

Second- "What day has the most burglaries?" He replied "Thursday", so my mate asked "well what the F**K am I doing here on my Sunday off then?"

The DI lost the room after that


MrMC said...
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JuliaM said...

"Soon be fried chicken for all at the Whitehouse"

More like cooked goose!

"Wot? No quail?"


"..and most people don't read beyond the headlines."

Mark Twain was right about the educational value of newspapers, wasn't he?

"The DI lost the room after that"