Monday, 15 March 2021

Oh, Really?

Colour me sceptical, given the zeal with which your members have pursued people up to now:

Police no longer want to break up groups outdoors as Covid restrictions are "unmanageable," a union chief has said.
Ken Marsh, the chairman of the Metropolitan Police Federation, said his members had no desire to carry out the law to the letter after Brits flocked to parks and beaches over the weekend.
So, what's changed? What's driving this? Is it the realisation that they are becoming loathed even more by the law-abiding public for their heavy handed tactics against soft targets?

No. Of course not.
Officers say they regularly have to break up flouters, having to breach coronavirus restrictions themselves in order to fulfil their duties.
And Mr Marsh said the Metropolitan Police Federation is now seeking legal action as to whether officers could refuse to break rules in the line of duty unless they receive their vaccines.

Self-interest, of course...and isn't it astonishing that this didn't seem to be an issue at Clapham Common? 


The Jannie said...

They'll need their jabs when they raid the weekly gatherings of the religion of peace which have never been stopped. . . oh, hang on a minute . . .

MTG 1 said...

We shouldn't lambast The Fat Bastard, JuliaM. He has enough on his plate.

JuliaM said...

"They'll need their jabs when they raid the weekly gatherings of the religion of peace..."

Rabies shots too, if Churchill is correct!