Monday, 29 March 2021

Just What Was She Being 'Supported' To Do?

Another case where the state gives a good shoeing to the lexicon:
Verphy Kudi's daughter Asiah perished in a flat at a 'supported housing' block in Brighton in December 2019 after being left alone for six days with no food or water.

And what was she doing all this time? Well, what any young black single mother would do, rather than look after the child: 

Now, it has been revealed Kudi tried to sell concert tickets on Twitter on the day the baby's body was found. Another tweet showed her attempting to become a Pretty Little Thing model months after Asiah's death.

So...just who was supporting the baby, if not the feckless mother (or unidentified father, it goes without saying)? 

Kudi's flat was one of eight in a residential complex run by charity YMCA DownsLink to house vulnerable young families on behalf of Brighton City Council.

Not content with leaving the word 'supported' gasping in the gutter with broken ribs, the state is looking menacingly at the word 'vulnerable', spitting on its hands and rolling up its sleeves for another round... 

YMCA DownsLink staff are located at the entrance to the block at all times. Residents with social workers can receive visits but because the flats are independent units YMCA staff do not enter the living areas or carry out regular inspections.

And no-one heard an unattended crying baby and thought 'that sounds suspicious'? Sheesh... 

Baby Asiah did not have a social worker.

No, of course not. Why would she need one, swaddled as she was in the tender arms of the st...oh, wait, that was her mother. Silly me. 

Kudi has repeatedly gone missing since the age of 14 and been the subject of numerous police appeals. MailOnline has asked the council if she had a social worker at the time of her baby’s death.

The answer is almost certainly 'Yes'. Bet they have a few questions to answer... 

Judge Christine Laing QC told Kudi: 'You have heard that before I get to sentence you the defence want to get a report on your behalf and a doctor will no doubt make arrangements to see you and interview you over the next few weeks.'
The case was adjourned to a provisional sentencing date of May 28, but Kudi was warned this may be delayed.

Now she's the victim, you see.  


Anonymous said...


Another situation of kids having kids.

This will haunt her for the rest of her life.

It's a common problem that people working in 'care' usually do as little as possible and do not get involved with the individuals that need assistance enough. Too much paperwork. An awful lot of them tend to concentrate on easier cases so they can justify earning their money.

The police are no better. Once I had a row with my ex partner (for once there wasn't fisticuffs) and the police woman that turned up wanted a result so she could get a slap on the back but was obviously very annoyed when she realised she wasn't going to get her priority crime medal. She told me she would be contacting social services about the arguing even though she had seen my children were ok and well. A few days later I received a very threatening letter from social services about removing my children from my care.

So when the people who work in these services might get some recognition they jump to attention, yet the people that need help and guidance are too much effort.

Seems there is quite a lot of people to blame in this situation and not just the mother.

Anonymous said...

She'll struggle to play the race card on this one.

Squires said...

“This will haunt her for the rest of her life.“

I wouldn’t bet on it.

Anonymous said...

No one, apart from the mother, will be punished. No one will be disciplined, and no one will lose their job or be suspended pending some sort of internal whitewash, sorry, investigation. However, assurance will be given that lessons have, or will, be learnt. Until the next time.

Anonymous said...

If she is left alive, she should at least be sterilised.

Personally, I do believe being suspended from a rope is the right punishment.

MrMC said...

It will be whitees fault: social services failing a poor deprived muvva etc etc

Ted Treen said...

@Jaded - struggle she might, but I wouldn't exclude the possibility.

Anonymous said...

And this drawn out lawyer enriching trial will all be paid for by the good old taxpayer.

MrMC said...

Animals do not do this, this is subhuman, "this will haunt her " no it will not she will justify it somehow by blaming someone, somehow, time to stop looking elsewhere and lay the blame where it lies, right there

JuliaM said...

"This will haunt her for the rest of her life."

Errr, yeah. Sure.

"She'll struggle to play the race card on this one."

Bet she won't! It's probably her only talent.

"And this drawn out lawyer enriching trial will all be paid for by the good old taxpayer."


"...time to stop looking elsewhere and lay the blame where it lies, right there..."