Monday, 1 March 2021

Essex Police Priorities

Dog walking? We're out in force! Stay in your area!

A man who broke lockdown rules has been slapped with a fine by police officers after he drove out of his area to walk his dog.
A 21-year-old drove from Wickford to Great Dunmow to exercise his pet pooch, despite current lockdown restrictions telling people to stay in their area.
The man was given a fixed penalty notice by police last week for breaking restrictions. 

Drunken fights outside a notorious pub leading to fatal stabbings? Meh. We're staying in the station.

Essex Police were called just after 6pm tonight (Friday) after an 18-year-old man was admitted to hospital with stab wounds. He died a short time later.
Police say following initial enquiries, officers believe he was attacked near the Peterboat pub in High Street, Old Leigh.
Residents living in Leigh have also reported a large gathering of young people in Leigh Library Gardens. One person reported hearing one of the youngsters discussing who is going to be "shanked".

'Nuff said. 


microdave said...

"Covid rules on groups gathering outdoors 'not policeable' ahead of lockdown easing"

MTG 1 said...

It's not up to taxpayers, or even politicians. Nowadays, that Fat Bastard at the police 'Union' decides what Laws will be policed or ignored.

MTG said...


wpc jagged said...

soon we can just stay in us station and watch you from us droans we as herd

Anonymous said...

Beyond parody Melvin. You make an error of grammar and then do your hilarious WPC Jagged unfunny posting immediately underneath. But to be fair it has been a very full moon this week.

JuliaM said...

""Covid rules on groups gathering outdoors 'not policeable' ahead of lockdown easing""

And yet, there they are!