Friday, 5 March 2021

Something Here Is 'A Ridiculous Enterprise', Judge...

Two men who robbed a vape shop brandishing a knife and screwdriver were spared jail because of their learning difficulties.

...but I'm not so sure it's the robbery. That seems to have been carried out like a lot of robberies committed by non-retarded people: 

A woman who was a customer in the shop at the time was terrified and in tears. Shopkeeper Lee Silver at first asked the men if it was a “wind up” then asked if it was worth it.
The men responded by demanding cash and goods from the shop be put into a bag.
Don’t come near me or I will shank you,” one of the men said.

But maybe they didn't manage to get away with anything? 

They took about £1,750 worth of equipment from the vape shop, including £250 from the till.


Ross Talbott, defending, said both men “apologised to the victims of their offences”. They both have issues with cognitive functions and require care. Tucker has developmental issues, autism, tourettes and attention, deficit and hyperactive disorder (ADHD). Sutherland suffered a brain injury and suffers issues with memory loss and epilepsy.

Doesn't seem to be holding them back much, does it? 

Judge Jeremy Gold QC said: “You have both committed a serious offence that caused a great deal of fear, not only to the proprietor but also to a customer.
In normal circumstances, people who commit offences of this kind go straight to prison. But your case is exceptional. You both have significant medical difficulties. It would be disproportionate to send you both to prison.”


“But I am concerned that both of you clearly understand that there comes a time when even people with disabilities have to be sentenced to prison for the safety of the public.
“In this case I’m prepared to accept that this was a ridiculous enterprise. But if it were to happen again, no judge would have any choice but to send you both to prison.”

Wanna bet? 


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Wow! Two very, very, last, final chance warnings before the serious warnings.

Bucko said...

I'm amazed there is any situation at all where an armed robber does not get prison

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"I'm amazed there is any situation at all where an armed robber does not get prison"

I used to be...