Monday 20 October 2008

Culture War - Some In The Ranks Are Asking Questions

A teenager who has been hooked on cannabis since he was 10 has been locked up indefinitely after raping a 58-year-old woman in her own home.
Seems an odd first offence, even for someone hooked on drugs.

Oh. Wait:
Jordan Webster, 15, who has a shocking catalogue of 63 previous convictions and 38 court appearances, was just 14 when he attacked the woman while holding a knife to her throat.

His actions prompted a judge to ask: 'What on earth are we coming to in this world when a boy of 14 can not only acquire that record but then go on to do what you did that day?'
Shocking? To whom, exactly? Not to anyone who has seen this scenario a thousand times before.

And Judge Macgill’s query might be better addressed to his fellow judges and magistrates, rather than some vague ‘we’. Like, for instance, Tony Pomeroy and all his ilk…
Prosecutor Mr Clark said: 'Since the incident, the woman has become very emotional, often tearful, and cannot return to her own home. In her victim impact statement she said 'The defendant has taken away my home, my independence and everything I have worked for'.'

He then told the court about Webster's past convictions, including an ASBO which had been breached on several occasions.
Of course. ASBOs only work if they are enforced. Just like every other part of the justice system.

Getting the picture now, Judge Macgill?
Matthew Harding, for Webster, said that while it was a particularly serious offence, the knife was not used to inflict violence. He also said the teenager, who admitted rape and aggravated burglary, does not remember much of the attack.
Actually, the knife was used to inflict violence – it just wasn’t used to inflict a knife wound.

And when the defence is this lame, I think you can tell even the brief’s heart isn’t really in it. Perhaps he’s realised it might not be a good idea to let Webster go free, for fear the next bedroom he appears in later at night might be Mrs or Ms Hardings…

At least the judge managed to shoot down the kite tentatively flown by the defence:
But Judge Macgill said: 'You knew full well the consequences of leaving behind forensic evidence and you took the sheet with you. What that illustrates to me is that your claim that you don't remember the detail is a total sham.'
Like pretty much everything else the many, many defenders of young master Webster have uttered in courts like yours for the last few years.

Getting that clearer picture now, m’lud?
The judge said Webster, of Normanton, must serve at least five years before he is eligible for parole.
Guess not…


Anonymous said...

"Who had been hooked on cannabis"- oh it must have been the drugs that made him do it! Couldn't be that he was a little shit anyway could it.

Anonymous said...

Indeed. One hopes he has no siblings ready to follow in his footsteps...