Tuesday, 7 October 2008

"It is a popular fallacy that all man-eaters are old and mangy..."

A woman accused of stabbing her mother's boyfriend to death was overheard during 999 calls threatening to eat his body, a jury has heard.
It is alleged Ms Williams stabbed him twice during a violent outburst, because it is claimed he was bullying her mother.
The jury first heard a 999 call made by Wayne from a callbox close to the house.

He could be heard telling the operator: "My sister had just kicked off with my mum's partner because he's been bullying us all.

"I'm really worried. Oh, please tell them to hurry up. Call the police. I need them quickly.

"I could hear her chopsing. There's loads of blood, there's tons of it."
After the stabbing mother-of-one Ms Williams ran into the garden and armed police used a Tazer gun to subdue her.
Perhaps those police should have brushed up on the works of Kenneth Anderson and Jim Corbett before setting out on patrol.

They might have gone out better armed, for one thing...

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