Tuesday 7 October 2008

Vignettes Of Modern Life

A high-ranking policeman:
The inquest heard how he died days after his wife confronted him about one of several extra-marital affairs.

After the inquest, Carolyn Todd gave a statement saying she was sorry her husband had not been able to seek help.
A modern woman:
Miss Barrie, who has an 11-year-old daughter, admitted she had sexual relationships with Mr Wanogho, Mr Nicholas, Mr Dennie and Mr Dennie's brother in the past.
Family life:
A recovering heroin addict, she told Snaresbrook Crown Court yesterday (Monday) that she was doing well on a recovery programme but that night her boyfriend, Robin Young, had not delivered her prescribed heroin substitute, Subutex, as planned.

In a “weakened” state of flu-like withdrawal she turned to her former lover, Mr Dempsey, and accepted his offer to smoke heroin.


John M Ward said...

I didn't know heroin was smoked.

Oh, well: how the other half lives, eh?

There is so much of this kind of thing going on nowadays, and those of us who have never felt the need or desire to enslave ourselves to pointless non-essential chemicals now seem to be almost in the minority. What a brilliant country this is, er, once was!

Anonymous said...

Yup, it's smoked a lot more often than injected, these days, I think...

Anonymous said...

I didn't know you could smoke heroin either, even though I once worked for the company that invented it.

It was believed to have the same pain-killing properties as morphine, with the great advantage of being non-addictive.


Stan said...

Subutex? I thought that was a football game where you flicked little plastic footballers over a green beize pitch.

Fascinating collection of snippets there that perfectly illustrate modern Britain.