Wednesday 22 October 2008

This Way, Judge Macgill...

In the Barking and Dagenham Post (not yet in the online edition though), we see this:
A cannabis addict who terrorised a mum and her two children before threatening to stab a couple with a six-inch blade has walked free with 'one last chance'.
Our courts, protecting their citizenry...

This charmer, a seventeen year old who can't be named, was 'hearing voices in his head', and therefore tried to smash his way into the home of a woman, before threatening two people with a kitchen knife. But he's the victim here!
Simon Gledhill, defending, said the teenager heard voices and suffered hallucinations after becoming hooked on cannabis and alcohol...the teenager had himself been the victim of violent attacks....
Well, it must have convinced the judge:
Judge William Kennedy spared the thug from serving jail time in a young offenders' institution and gave him a community punishment and rehabilitation order.

The judge said: "I want to give you this one last chance."
Are you closer to understanding 'what on earth we are coming to in this world...', Judge Macgill?

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