Thursday 15 January 2009

Gravy Train About To Hit The Buffers…?

Tens of thousands of public sector jobs will be lost across Britain this year as councils struggle to cope with the impact of the recession.

Forty councils approached by The Times yesterday were planning a total of 7,000 redundancies, and unions fear that few of the 442 local authorities across England, Scotland and Wales will escape the cutbacks. Although most of the job losses will be among backroom staff, there is concern that services will be affected.
The comments are heartening, with most people relishing the thought of all those Diversity Awareness Co-ordinators and Communications Managers getting the push.

Sadly, I suspect the recipients of these cuts will (as always) be in the most often neglected areas – old people’s services, libraries, parks, etc. The non-jobs awarded to the professionally-aggrieved and the box-tickers will trundle on regardless.

After all, who else is going to employ all those useless graduates of our world-class education system?

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