Monday 5 January 2009

Gypsies, Tramps And Thieves...And Conservative Councillors

It seems for some, it isn’t enough that the new pets of the Righteous&trade (‘travellers’ – and how inappropriate a name; it seems once they stop, they never start again...) get to ignore the rules of the land and be rewarded; a Righteous&trade hate-group must also suffer in order to really prove who wields the power:
Royal Navy veterans are being kicked out of their clubhouse so the land around it can be used as a travellers' camp.

The former servicemen say the decision signals the death knell for their association which was formed 76 years ago.
Well, can’t make an omelette, and all that...
John Down, the club's chairman and a Korean War veteran, said: 'I'm so angry we are being treated like this. We have 160 members who all did their bit.

'We risked life and limb for this great country that we wholeheartedly believed in. Now we are being treated like dirt, turfed out so that traveller families can move in.

'We've paid our taxes all our lives and are still doing so. What have these people done? This country has lost the plot. It will be our death knell if we have to move.'

John Richards, another club member, said: 'Someone needs the courage to say enough is enough.

'This land was given to the people of Northfleet for sport and recreation. Part of our club houses the changing rooms for the football fields next door. There is a community here and the club is the glue that holds it all together.'
Sorry, folks. That’s not the sort of ‘community’ that the Righteous&trade want.

But you may be forgiven for thinking this is a NuLab or LimpDumb-led council, and so such is to be expected.

Oh, no.

This isn’t just any soft left, traveller-appeasing council; this is a Conservative council:
Tory-run Gravesham Council granted planning permission for the travellers to move to the grounds on condition that its officers find an alternative home for the association.

Mike Snelling, council leader, said: 'We will not abandon the Naval Association.'

He added that talks with the association about a new home were still going on.
In other words, we haven’t found one yet, but we’re confident we will – after all, the Royal Naval Association doesn’t have a big lobby, so we can get them to accept any old site, can’t we...?
The travellers had been threatened with eviction for illegally building homes on their land at nearby Sole Street.

They refused to move but - following a £30,000 public inquiry - an agreement had been reached for them to move to the clubhouse site by October.

Leslie Christie, a Labour councillor, said none of the 300 locals who responded to the consultation process supported the proposal.
So, no-one’s in favour of it, no-one’s taken any action to shift those ignoring the law, and they will be rewarded for breaking the law with someone else’s property, confiscated by the dead hand of government.

That’s the UK today, the place the Royal Naval veterans fought for – Land of the Free.

Free handout, that is...

NB: For origin of the term Righteous&trade, see Leg-Iron. You should be reading him anyway....


Obnoxio The Clown said...

I've seen plenty of examples of this kind of council fascism from Tory councils. It just goes to show that they are no different from the Red fascists or the Yellow fascists.

There really is only one way to go if you don't want more of the same, and it ain't the Tories. Even the BNP are no different inherently to Old Labour. ;o)

Anonymous said...

Indeed. No matter the colour of the rosette, their shrivelled-up little hearts are pure coal black...

And they stay in power through apathy! Who's going to remember this when polling day comes around?

Anonymous said...

Every local objection to an illegal development around my part of Kent is disregarded, if not by the borough council but by the Planning Inspectorate in Bristol. Plus the pikeys get legal aid to fight it.