Friday, 9 January 2009

‘Slugs and snails and puppy dog’s tails…’

Ranting lefty feminist Cath Elliot is, like the whining ‘community leaders’ of yesterday, concerned about ‘angry young men’ – or in her case, ‘horny young men’ - as she rails about sexual bullying in schools:
As I watched Monday night's Panorama about the sexual bullying that goes on in schools, I have to admit I felt an increasing sense of relief. Sadly, that wasn't because the programme presented a better picture of the situation than I'd been anticipating, or because the attitudes expressed by the young people who took part were more enlightened than I'd been expecting to hear: that would have been too much to ask.

No, what impressed me most about Jeremy Vine's exposé was that the subject was actually getting an airing, and that schools were finally acknowledging the sexism and abuse that girls have to put up with within their walls.
Because the boys never get bullied, harassed or shamed by the girls, naturally. Elliot must be the only living person who really, truly believes that girls are made of ‘sugar, spice and all things nice’…

Grow up, love. It wasn’t that one-sided when I was at school, so I can’t bring myself to believe it’s all that different now.

And let’s not forget that the ground-breaking ‘research’ that has her wet at the gusset with the opportunity to excoriate men is….a Jeremy Vine special report for the BBC.

Wooo, heavy:
Last year, 3,500 pupils were suspended for sexual misconduct, 260 of whom were still at primary school. Their behaviour ranged from sexist name-calling, graffiti and verbal harassment, to inappropriate touching, sexual assault and rape. And it's not just girls who are being subjected to this barrage of misogyny; women teachers are increasingly finding themselves in the firing line as well.
I note that the report just mentions ‘pupils’ – there’s no sex given. Are we to assume they were all male, then? Cath certainly seems to, but then, if all you have is a hammer, etc, etc…
What is different these days is the extent to which this sort of thing is happening and the levels of violence that are now being used. The rise in gang culture obviously plays some part in this, but that doesn't explain the prevalence of sex bullying in schools right across the board. And that was what I found most interesting about Monday's Panorama – that when young people themselves were asked where all this was coming from, popular culture, song lyrics, the media and the internet came top of their list.
What, you mean, all the things that the left-wingers that now infest every public service are quick to proclaim as forces of good, or laud as ‘their culture’…? Say it ain’t so, Cath!

So, what’s the answer, according to our little misandrist?
Now, I'm not going to try to argue causation, or to call for rap music and MySpace to be banned, but I do think there's little doubt that the increasing normalisation of pornography, sexual violence and sexist attitudes to women in our society can't help but have some effect on how young people relate to each other.
I know, let’s ban ‘Page 3’ and ‘Playboy’ magazines! That’s bound to do it!

Wow, the 70s revival is still on then?
But again, as with knife crime, binge drinking, drugs and underage sex, the fact that schools are finally being asked to deal with the issue doesn't mean that the rest of us are off the hook. Parents, grandparents, older siblings, in fact anyone who has any influence with young people has a part to play, too. It's no good teenagers being told that sexist attitudes are wrong if they then go home and see their dad treating their mum like a skivvy, or sitting around making disparaging remarks about women with the Sun's Page 3 open on his lap and porn playing out on the TV screen.

If young people's attitudes are to be changed, then the attitudes of those around them need to change too.
It’s presumably ok if they see Mum trading in ‘boyfriends’ like some trade in cars, or little sis trotting off to school dressed in the finest Ann Summers can supply, I suppose?

Funny, but that doesn’t seem to excite the same kind of controlling impulse in Cath’s shrivelled bosom. Wonder why…?


North Northwester said...

Stultifying bourgeois attitudes made both school and home life living hells for all sensitive or creative children back in the 1940s and 1950s.

It's such a good thing that they have all been swept aside by the irresistible liberating tide of rational thought and free expression.

All that opening doors and letting women and girls go first, and never hitting girls and never, ever swearing in front of them...Well, it was a male chauvinist inferno back then - especially in church, suburbs, and grammar schools - that amounted to spiritual genocide for women and gays and thank Darwin for the 1960's I say!

And obviously, everyone who disagree are part of the Nazi male Mafia that wants to keep women down.And cunts, to boot.

Longrider said...

It wasn't one sided when I was at school either. The bullying by other boys was relatively easy to deal with - I learned to hit back and hard. Bullying by girls was a little more difficult...

Anonymous said...

Hmmm...gang culture...rap music...which group is she tip-toeing carefully around as she attempts to load the blame onto white males?

JuliaM said...

"And obviously, everyone who disagree are part of the Nazi male Mafia that wants to keep women down."

You should see the venom and spite that they reserve for women who don't fall into line with their dogma!

"The bullying by other boys was relatively easy to deal with - I learned to hit back and hard. Bullying by girls was a little more difficult..."

Oh, but in these days of total equality, I'm sure you'd now be justified in treating them like 'one of the lads'. That's what the feminists want, after all..? ;)

"..which group is she tip-toeing carefully around as she attempts to load the blame onto white males?"

Fo' shizzle!

Deadbeat Dad said...

Ah yes, Cath Elliot... Before she was inducted into the hallowed ranks of The Guardian's feminist commentariat, she was one of CiF's most prolific commenters (as 'MsWoman').

Nasty, nasty little fembot. She's one of the reasons I rarely visit CiF these days - it just raises my blood pressure.