Friday 2 January 2009

Scorched Earth Policies....

They seem to be the only things left in the guttering flames of the NuLab ‘experiment’. How else to explain this:
Britain may offer to take in foreign Guantanamo Bay terror suspects, it emerged yesterday.

Downing Street sources say the move would help Barack Obama fulfill his election promise to close down the detention camp.
Well, that’s nice, isn’t it? I mean, it’s not as if we don’t have enough problems...
U.S. officials have cleared 50 of the remaining 250 prisoners for release but cannot send them back to their home countries for fear they will face persecution. Only two detainees are British residents.
So, we shouldn’t take them either.

Frankly, I don’t care where they go – their problems are not ours, and we owe them nothing.

We owe these people a great deal – let’s let them and their families in instead, and tell Obamalamadingdong to go hang!
Critics said the UK had no obligation to foreign prisoners who would cost millions of pounds in asylum and legal costs.
Especially in the teeth of a recession.
A Foreign Office spokesman said: 'We have made it clear that we think Guantanamo Bay should be closed.

'We recognise the legal, technical and other difficulties and that the U.S. will require assistance from allies and partners to make this happen.'

She denied that the Foreign Office was 'pushing for a deal' to allow foreign detainees into the UK.
Well, she would, wouldn’t she...?
The Tories wants Foreign Secretary David Miliband to clarify the situation. William Hague, his Tory shadow, said: 'The Foreign Secretary must explain urgently whether this is true, how many Guantanamo inmates would be admitted to Britain, by what criteria they would be selected and what assurances would be given about their behaviour in the future.'
Why is Call-Me-Dave not speaking out on this? Hasn’t his group of spin doctors figured out which way the wind is blowing yet?

The LimpDumbs, as usual, are lukewarm:
Edward Davey, LibDem foreign affairs spokesman, said: 'It's right that Britain plays its part in helping president-elect Obama close Guantanamo Bay if we are to be true to our promises to support justice.

'However, there are many questions that will need to be answered and reassurances given, just as America demanded of us before they were prepared to release UK citizens and residents.'
Way to be all things to all people, there, Davey-boy....
Tory MP Philip Davies dismissed the idea that Britain could take in the Guantanamo Bay terror suspects.

'It strikes me as absolutely barmy that at a time when the country is heading toward bankruptcy, the last thing we should be doing is taking in people at huge cost to the taxpayer,' he said.

'It is even more idiotic when you consider that those imported individuals may well be a danger to the safety of the British public.'
I have to say that I can’t see this policy as anything more than NuLab’s ‘Oh, yeah? Then take THIS..!’ to the public they must know by now will be voting them out whenever Broon manages to stop dithering and call an election.


Old BE said...

How about the US tries them in their own courts?

Anonymous said...

Why would St Barack need help fulfilling his election promises? Are they suggesting that the One was making promises he had no idea how to keep?

Anonymous said...

"How about the US tries them in their own courts?"

They do plan to try the ones they think they can build a case for. These are the others, the ones the prosecutors think aren't worth trying...

"Are they suggesting that the One was making promises he had no idea how to keep?"

Shocker, eh...?

Old BE said...

If they aren't worth trying and they can't be sent home well that sounds like the perfect opportunity to keep them in the US of A!

Mark Wadsworth said...

That's why we need you as Justice Minister, to very politely tell them to **** off.

Anonymous said...

So these people are so wonderful and nice that even their own countries have effectively said "Keep the Bums!" (A comment my own Mother would have used if I were "innocently" wandering through a war zone on "holiday").

paul ilc said...

A more self-confident society would have executed this scum by now.

North Northwester said...

They aren't criminals and shouldn't be treated as such.
They are enemy prisoners of war.
The war's not over (been going on for about 1,300 years) and sp they should be kept in prison.
Guantanamo Bay for choice.

Shug Niggurath said...

Since when is it a requirement of the UK to help incoming US Presidents fulfil their election promises? I am mightily more scunnered that this government have just confessed that they set policy based on the needs of Obama.